Central idea of Yoga

Life of human beings is being full of complication and lot of pain giving realities. Man always try to get ride of their problems. For this they try their best to tackle. However, the surge of problems never stop, always arriving and threatening your existence. So, people dislike to do something, that means struggle. "No complete and submit  but give up" becomes the culture of anyone daily life. As a whole, the man is in the way of  degradation mentally, physically, morally and so on. Such a void man can do nothing to accomplish his duty and obey the command of God. 
            In this context, Yoga is that formula which can place him in the right track. Regular performance of Yoga postures as a daily exercise makes muscles strong and well developed, mind becomes sharper than before with an increase in grasping and memorizing capacity, and as a result, overall life becomes as you wish.   It is searching something within you in a systematic way with optimum discipline. It reminds you your goal, develop super intuition in you, provide supernatural fuel to you, constant happiness and dramatic relaxation. Path towards the God and enlightenment will become crystal clear by doing Yoga for a long time. So better to change life, better to do Yoga regularly.

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