Great ways of memory sharping

Brain is a special gift to man and the memory it hold has to be enhanced and can be enhanced/sharpen by following following methods:
Memory improvement is a must in this information-savvy generation. All of a sudden, it seems that you just have to remember more at once! Think passwords, PIN, and a never ending stream of lists. It seems like the only way to keep up and not get lost in a sea of chaotic information is to find ways for memory improvement.
But what is amazing is the fact that there are simple and effective ways that you can adapt and incorporate into your activities of daily living that will spell a big difference in your memory performance.We can do it.
Begin your memory training course by being more visual. You use you eyes all the time, but if you focus more on them, you will benefit immensely. Focus on what you are seeing and allow your eyes to absorb them. Even better, before doing tasks, visualize your self performing them already, in a particular way or order. This way, once you actually perform them, the strong visual images you have generated will serve as your guide, straight off from your improved memory.
Making lists is practically one of the most used techniques for memory improvement, to be able to organize and classify information, but the trick is to do them effectively. Instead of sentences, abbreviate. Use keywords that will be easier for you to remember. Have this keywords associated into other things that mean something to you to be able to burn them into your memory better. It also helps to rewrite your list as you go because it is also an act for memory improvement. Such super learning technique can give you magical results.


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