Yoga sutra of Patanjali

Yoga sutra of Patanjali is the foundation book of Yoga and it is a popular Hindu scripture. In this book enormous amazing ideas and philosophical treatment of yoga is given. All other literature developed in yoga originates from this primary source. Yoga sutra of Patanjali can be subdivided into four subcategories:
  • Yoga sutra of Contemplation: Right knowledge, Wrong knowledge, fancy, Sleep and Memory are five folds of Thought. Wrong knowledge includes illusory, false, erroneous notions, while Right knowledge means inference, tradition and correct cognition. Fancy leads to knowledge without existence or feeling of matter. Extreme sleep leads to emptiness of mind. Memory does not allow impressions to escape. With the use of practice and non- attachment these five thoughts can be controlled. Information sown in the brain undergoes contemplation, after some time develop into knowledge and finally enter into your habit or experience. In this stage it is called your Wisdom.
  • Yoga sutra of spiritual discipline: Study of sacred texts, devotion to God and his actions are under spiritual discipline. This fixes your mind to God and makes you free from all impurities. Impurities come from ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion and desire to cling to life and luxury. These potential impurities are to be destroyed by Meditation. Understand the superimposition of external world in your internal unseen world. And focus on self- restraint in actions, fixed observance, posture, and regulation of energy, mind control in sense engagements, concentration, meditation, and realization.
  • Yoga sutra of divine power: One pointedness of mind, unbroken continuation of that mental stage (meditation) and only consciousness of the object of meditation (realization) are three corners of self control. Consistent self control gives mastery and mastery brings wisdom. Every sorts of knowledge can be induced by intuition with the help of open mind. Self control brings swiftness of mind, independence of perception, and mastery over worldly matter. Wisdom is ultimate divine power, with it you can do anything, either possible or impossible like.
  • Yoga sutra of Realization: Mind born when concentrated insight is free from all form of impressions. Although the external object or real situation is same, there is a difference of cognition in regard to the object because of difference of mentality. Realization of danger, failure or risk may not appear in some even after numerous crashes. On the other hand, some realize immediately by sensing the situation or viewing the object before any crashes.

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