Meditate about end of the world

Earth is only one known planet in this boundless universe that sustains life. There are many predictions about its creation as well as there are many prophecies regarding its end. For predicting the ultimate stage of this green planet, religious literature and people concerning them are much advertising. This Popularization of the term "end of the world" is for what purpose. Why there is much concern in the today's world about it? Are all predicted parameters really convincing to all of us? Lets meditate in concise manner.
  • According to the Hindu scriptures, there are four era of this planet-decided by the God. Satya, Dwapar, Trata and Kyali &the present era is the last era, that is Kyali. After this final era, there will be the destruction of this creation. This is needed for its purification because people sins will be astronomically high, making earth unholy from every aspects. The end of this final era is very near, somewhere after about 1000 years. Therefore the truth inherent in this prediction can only be confirmed by our generations, not by us.
  • The prediction of horror of 2012  terrify many peoples. According to the Mesoamerican long count calender, which was used by ancient people(related to maya civilization)of Central america- December 2012 is that destruction day. But it does not clarify with confidence about the destruction mechanism. Some Movies shows that the end of this world will occur due to natural disasters like: Earthquakes, cracking of ground, falling of meteors with burning flame, etc. Although they make a good money and worldwide popularity, there is no any solid evidences behind them. Now, many experts doubt about this destruction picture. Perhaps a new prophecy will highlighted soon. Unless there is no perfect scientific reasoning based upon established facts, prediction of the end of this world can not be accepted. Also, no any authorities has any right to terror people.

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