Types of Meditation

   The peculiar characteristic of Meditation is conscious breathing and accompanying deep relaxation. This field requires huge practice and patience to give the goal. Progress in Meditation is not instantaneous. Meditation must inculcate life remaining habits and develop permanent experience within you. And this takes time, your persistent struggle will reward you ultimately. Use meditation versus medication, meditation will release you from all types of intoxication, recover you from any time of suffering and give your life a new direction, a new perspective to view the world so that you remain cheerful all the days as you live. Neuroscientists believe that Meditation change your Gene response to stress. Mindful Meditation slows down the negative impact of HIV viruses in infected person. Meditation perform healing action in cellular level by creating extraordinary circumstances. There is no limit of Meditation and its Benefits. Types of Meditation and its impacts on us cannot be explained in words. Therefore Meditation is correctly called 'Ocean of Meditation'. If someone jumps in this Ocean it is sure that he will change his life and develop a new Philosophy.
   Types of Meditation:
  • Upward Meditation: Upward Meditation reverse the gravity pull of Consciousness by an upward force developed through spinal cord called 'Kundalini'.
  • Downward Meditation: This type of meditation flows vital energy towards Heart and increase the sense of love, creativity, courage and compassion within the individual.
  • Breath watching Meditation: This meditation is about watching and being aware of breathing during meditating. This increase vital capacity of your lungs and oxygen level in your blood- result- more active, more energetic and more productive.
  • Walking Meditation: In this type you focus on your body parts and breathing during meditation. 
  • Empty Mind Meditation: Our mind, if full from several sorts of distractions, anxieties as well as horrors then happiness will instantly terminate, dis-balance your thought and corrupt your lifestyle. One of the soothing remedy for this problem is Empty mind meditation. Keep your mind free from all types of thoughts, let not your sense perceive, let not your mind realize and let not your mind jump from here and there. 
  • Yoga for energy- Yoga for beginners- Kundalini Yoga

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