Yoga for beginners

Yoga for beginners needs systematic immersion into practice giving enough considerations to its prerequisites, precautions and philosophy. All these requirements should be properly appreciated by Yoga beginners and a proper balance between them is of utmost importance.
1. Understanding Yoga Philosophy
    First of all beginners should understand the core principle and real aim of yoga. Yoga in fact is not only muscular strengthening and mental sharpening techniques. These are accessory goals. Beginners should understand that yoga is a connecting link, a bridge to connect materialistic world and spiritual world, a search of soul and its source( that power which create it) and a way to purify man from deep inner side for the creation of perfect man acquainted with divine features. This fundamental goal can be achieved by yoga beginner by deep concentration, meditation and by following Patanjali opinions.

2. Preparing body, mind and soul
   Like preparation of exam, there is also the preparation of yoga for beginners. This means making flexible your body, untie folded regions, increase the vital capacity of your lungs, mobilize  your joints. Also, this includes controlling distraction of mind, keeping oneself away from evil thinking and activities and make mind cultivable and satisfied. You also have to explore the existence of soul and supernatural soul- the god by asking yourself about your origin, what happens after your death and how this worldly achievements help me in this respect.
 Yoga focus on work and believe in discipline. It is strongly against worldly attachments, i.e., attachments with money, attachment with sex and attachment with others. Attachment is wrong, it brings pain. Better is to abandon attachment and do work, live or accumulate without it.

3. Knowing precautions
    -Do you regularly,missing a day is like breaking a chain, the result is thus obvious.
    - Go from simple to advanced practice, do not be hurry because you are going to develop a habit, a          philosophy of life.
   -Below 12 year of age, yoga is not strongly recommended.
  - Morning time is the best that I will suggest, get up early and sit down for yoga.
  - Do yoga with empty bowl ,empty intestine and empty urinary bladder.
  - In case of recent medical surgery and certain long term diseases, forget yoga.
  - For women, at the time of mensuration and pregnancy simple and plain type of yoga are only recommended.

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