Yoga for energy

    Energy either mental or physical are required for the Optimum functioning of human systems. In Yogic language, energy is called 'Prana' of body due to which our body is associated to our soul. There are some typical yoga for energy which we may practice. Energy may be either positive or negative originating from our environment and flowing into our body. Although our energy systems try to accumulate positive energy , our disturbed and disordered Urban lifestyle permits several negative energies to percolate into us. Ultimately our mental, physical, emotional and Psychological balance is deteriorated and damaged severely. Patanjali said that in such circumstances our energy Chakras are blocked and severely folded preventing the uniform flow of energy from our foot up to our head region. Our immune system is highly triggered and Energy circuits are disconnected at several parts of our body. As a result our Organs can not do their works efficiently, Blood circulation and impulse transmission rates are highly triggered. Brain cannot think properly, fitness disappears instantly and overall body system is out of control. Therefore the need of Energy Yoga has been arisen, Yoga for energy are simple to perform, effective in action and permanent in improvement of your body. For example: Watching movie for 1 hour is equivalent to smoking a Cigarette. On the other hand, doing Yoga or Pranayams for only half an hour is equivalent to lengthening your life by 5 days. 
      Practicing yoga is a good way to energize your body all over the day. Yoga helps to  release tension and clear blockages, allowing energy to flow freely, creating an overall sense of vitality and well-being. Yoga poses don't create energy(creation of energy is against the law of conservation of energy), they release positive energy, block the entry of negative energy and they also prevent us from expending energy in activities that don't do anything for us, that means they economize our energy. Often we have so much tension stored in our bodies. They disable our stamina. Yoga for energy helps you to get rid of stress by developing creativeness.  


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