The third eye meditation

The third eye meditation is a simple technique to increase concentration, improve understanding and assist for mental clarity. This is sixth chakra located on your forehead between two eyebrows just above your nose. Third eye refers to command and gives you ability to control, manipulate things, words and actions. Opening or activation of third eye is extremely beneficial because this will result in self-control, confidence buildup, full utilization of our wisdom, mental relaxation and development of unique control over events.
 Then, how to open your third eye? The entire yogic procedure is worthwhile to illustrate here. Sit on your chair or sit on mat in cross legged position, this is good posture for most yoga practice. Keep your spine straight and erected, stretch your neck. Gently place your hands upon your knees with palms facing upwards. Touch your index finger with thumb in both hands. Let all your body organs relaxed. Calmly, close your mouth and turn your tongue upward so that it touches palate/ roof of mouth. Allow your eyes to close. Breathe deeply and rhythmically and look at the third eye. Avoid all types of mental chattering that draw away your concentration. Focus only to your third eye, it is between your eyebrows. Intentional concentrating at that point will make your mind feel white or indigo light radiating out from that spot.
  Practice this meditation for about 15 minutes. At last. gently bow your head and conclude this meditation saying," may I see only the absolute truth, may I achieve all control and discipline to guide my life, my life is filling with everything I need, I have to never worry about what I had not."

The law of karma in yoga

The law of Karma in yoga is the central idea in the philosophy of yoga. In Bhagavad Gita, Shree Krishna had told his disciple Arjuna about some most important karma sutra required in a yogic life. According to Lord Krishna, yoga is the universal concept of reaping what you sow with your words and actions. Person gets credit of his own work, he must take responsibility of what he do. What are the karma quotes connected to a yogi, a spiritual performer? This question is often generated in people's mind. Let's reply this quest in simple intonation. Karma means thoughts, behaviors, actions as well as intentions created in the present time, which is under your control, whatever you create today either good or bad all are under Karma Yoga. Yoga is therefore a word with a broad meaning in this sense. Your deeds furnished with your willpower and concentration come under karma of today. And the law of karma is that what you create today is seed for future life experiences. In this mean, fatalism is avoided, only karma is considered supreme in human life.
  The law of karma is always connected to the continuously changing physical world. This solely depends upon deeds rather than fate. We have full control upon our words what we spell, thoughts what we ruminate, and actions which we decide to do. A perfect Yogi who has brought his mind and emotions under the control of his wit can indeed do control of what is happening with him. So, our response and reactions with our environment can be managed in order to avoid future evil sufferings, this is true that we can reduce karma at present and accordingly minimize those sufferings in future. Life and death are within a cycle and this cosmic cycle is continuously spinning. This spinning wheel has 6 spokes: virtue, vice, aversion, attachment, pleasure and pain. These spokes are means of karma which bind us with the wheel of life and keep it spinning. At this point it is worthwhile to indicate that mental attachments connecting those spokes with wheel should be liberated for renunciation of our life. Then, the life would be without credits of karma. In this way, a yogi lives with deeds but without credits of deeds.
  Bad karma gives us bad feeling, good karma gives us good feeling but the law of karma says that any kind of karma is undesirable. Through the constant practice of yoga, any further accumulation of karma should be reduced. This means do not produce karma with ego, selfishness and any desire of reward. Liberation from karma and this worldly pain and pleasure is a highly esteemed state called Nirvana. All above mentioned law of karma are not necessary in an individual life. Only you need to do is reducing your desire of karma and purifying you with yogic lifestyle.
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About Pranayama and its types

Pranayama are breathing exercises initiated by ancient yogis for purification of our soul. 'Prana' means 'life force or energy' and 'Yama' means 'control', combining these two terms arises the purpose of pranayama. It is for control, cultivation and prosperity of our vital energy or prana. Life cannot survive without air, we inhale air as prana and as our pranayama exercise continue, our oxygen in-taking ability also increases, as a result, our prana or life energy is also enhanced. Now, let's discuss about pranayama and its types.
 1.  Kapalbhati Pranayama:
Kapalbhati involve forced exhalation but passive inhalation. During exhalation, our stomach quickly pumps into our spine to force air out from our nose. This vigorous practice is done with steady rhythm and repeated at least for 5 minutes.
2. Bharamari Pranayama:
It is bee breathing technique which calm our mind and soothes our nerves. By closing your both eyes, air filled inside your belly is released out from your nostrils producing bee sounds.
3. Bhastrika Pranayama:
This type of pranayama purify our blood and helps to remove harmful toxins polluting our body, so the prime role is purification. Sit on your mat in suitable posture, lungs are fully filled with air at first and then exhale with smooth ease. This conclude one cycle. You can repeat then again and again.
4.  Nadi sodhan Pranayama:
This is alternate nostril breathing with equal pace for mental relaxation. You will achieve calmness, balance and protection from anxiety after doing this.

The 4 Ashrams of yogic life

In this long journey of human being from cradle to the grave, man try to spend his life in different way in different duration of life. Those who follow a yogic life, there are four Ashrams which is reported in the ancient Indian literature such as Bhagavad Gita. According to this sacred source, life of a spiritual aspirator can be subdivided into four fractions, each fraction with duration of about 22 to 25 years. A person after his birth must walk in this path in order to achieve enlightenment, a divine state of self-realization. Full spiritual development of an individual is only possible by obeying this yogic rule of 4 Ashrams of yoga.
1. Brahmacharya( yogic learner):
In this initial quarter of life, a yogi spends his life as an obedient student under the guidance of spiritual teacher. He/ She focus his mind in learning spiritual wisdom, practicing different yoga training with proper care. Deep discipline and control of unnecessary emotions are very necessary in this stage. A yogi gets knowledge about this world, soul, supernatural soul and the intricate relationship between them. He not only finds out the reality of life but also makes him habituated to survive in this cosmic world without any mental attachment.
2. Grihaste( family life):
This is the second ashram of yogic life, living with family, fulfilling family needs and responsibilities such as care of parents, marriage, conjugal life, giving birth to babies, thinking about their future and behaving accordingly, as well as improving social relationships and social contributions, all these duties that an individual obeys belongs to Grihaste Ashram. Utilizing the wisdom and discipline learned during Brahmacharya life, he or she lives family life in the midst of several cosmic disasters and distractions. This Ashram will be successful when the yogi do not get influenced but influence this world by his beautiful deeds.
3. Vanaprasta(Hermit life):
Vanaprasta life is in loneliness, away from the care of family, far from the touch of society in complete silence. Yogi withdraws his connection with this world to begin hermitage life. This is done for the transition from family plus society with love to the stage of emancipation/ renunciation. A quiet place is sought and the yogi lives a lonely life, he cuts attachments with his family and relative and lives as a non-attached spiritual counselor.
4. Sanyas( renunciation life):
Sanyas is the last ashram in which yogi frees himself from all sorts of worldly pursuits and jumps towards the achievement of self-realization, which eventually leads to Enlightenment. Sanyasi lives in temple or forest or in shrine place, survive in charity and continuously search spiritual perfection until death.
  These four Ashrams of  yogic life are greatly changed due to the modern influence in yoga. If you could not spend your life in this manner, then do not worry. If there is positive feelings and honesty in your heart, your life will be automatically transformed into yogic life.

Yoga for improving your sleep.

Yoga is essential for improving your sleep disorders. Without good sleep,you can not remain healthier and your happy mood will be discontinued. Sleeplessness, also called insomnia, imbalance our normal life. This may be due to a number of factors such as excessive night duty, pain, depression, anxiety, illness and due to the change in your sound sleeping environment. Insomnia can make you feel weak, energy-less,unproductive, extremely tired and lack of encouragement or motivation. Therefore it is very necessary to avoid such evil consequences that you may suffer because of your unsound sleeping behavior. Then, what is the remedy? How to improve our sleep with yoga? Yoga, yes it is indeed yoga which is one of the rare but precise set of physical activities, which can reinvent perfect harmony among our mind, body, soul and this external environment. That's why yoga maintains overall body fitness from all dimensions.
  Things to know for our sound sleep: Do you care about this? It sounds less important, however it impacts significantly. I use to go bed and leave it around same time every night. Such constant time  sleeping  habit keeps your body biochemical process smooth over all time. Involve in physical exercises or yoga everyday to remove stress from your muscles and joints. Do not use Drugs like Antidepressants, pain removing tablets, digestive pills, or stimulating substances like alcohol, cigarette, etc. around your bed time. Never irritate your brain, never alleviate dissatisfaction or allergy before going to sleep. In fact, for sound sleep, we have to keep us away from anxiety and painful thought. Our life is never smooth, some traces of  weakness as well as dissatisfaction are always there. Then, why to feel sad, your sadness can not recover this, instead it worsen the situation even more. Such weakness intensifying factor is never helpful. In this situation, we need a counteracting agent, a soothing factor for our internal relaxation and this divine factor is nothing but yoga. Yoga affects our cardiovascular system, assists in the proper nourishment of each and every body cells, increase the control of brain towards our endocrine system resulting in the proper secretion of hormones and regulation of body metabolism. Lack of Oxygen in our nerves and lack of control over thoughts are chief factors which contribute in mental anxiety. Both these evil factors can be easily eliminated by practicing breathe- yoga. At last, I would like to suggest you for practicing yoga at least 15 minutes daily for improving your sleep.

How to learn meditation yoga effectively?

Are you interested in learning meditation or something like that? Then, you may have asked yourself, 'How to learn meditation yoga effectively?'. I have also similar experience about that. I used to test various meditating sessions as like 'hit and trail method'. Sometimes I did chanting wrong mantra, elders several times gave vague suggestions and I myself confused about the basic philosophy behind yoga. When I was learning yoga I did several rude mistakes and developed plenty of  false beliefs. It looked like that I was learning accessories without learning main trunk. Later I catch the correct path, befriend with learned yogis, connect with reliable sites and remove all illusions and incorrect poses by visiting my guru many times. Extracting from my past experience, I would like to suggest following fundamental ideas- this will prevent you from digressing away from the main subject and provide the safest path for your success.
  • Meditation CD or MP3: Alluring sounds from meditating or hypnotic CD is highly recommended for beginner. This helps to maintain concentration by removing fluctuation of thinking.
  • Yoga practice: Yoga was originally conceived for removing physical and mental strain. This vast sub-category of health prepares a man well prepared for meditation. Most wise method is to take these two partners, yoga and meditation, together. 
  • Hypnosis: In this method, a hypnotherapist guide you to visualize and frequently asks what you are visualizing. Hypnosis is a special form of instruction to learn meditation yoga effectively.
  • Guided meditation: A beginner is best suited for this. A qualified Instructor can guide him into the meditating stage without any pitfalls. In this way, you can develop nice skills within few months.

Essential stages of meditation.

Today, this  world is sure that meditation can be our wonderful investment in our struggling life. So it is often repeated that "Invest your spare time today, in minute amount, for the marvelous, that you can achieve tomorrow". Now, to understand meditation for better performance, you need to know some essential stages of meditation. This is a systematized event. It has a definite procedure to follow to prepare your body, mind and then your inner being ready for realization of soul, for the perception of divinity, the ultimate truth.
  •  At the very beginning, a meditator should remove all the disturbing and distressing discomfort(tiredness) which he is suffering at the moment. Without physical relaxation, the ongoing meditation will be fruitless.
  • Then, your mind should be quieten. Mind always jump from one subject to another changing your thinking time to time. This type of mental instability seriously erode your concentration power. Those disturbing conversation running inside your mind needs to be controlled as much as possible.
  • After silencing mental chatter, now comes concentration. Concentration build-up needs repeating mantra or chanting hymns or sometimes visualization. This step raise your spiritual energy and make you active so that you become ready to proceed ahead.
  • Autosuggestion for inspiration of your mind is next stage. Affirmative suggestions like; 'I am recovering soon', 'my memory is becoming sharper and sharper', 'I am in deep meditation', etc. are suggested by you for your soul. By this practice our overall weakness are removed easily and dramatically. 
  • Beyond autosuggestion, deep meditation will begin. You can do different type of meditation  depending upon your purpose. You can connect you to your inner soul, residing inside you. You can also do some creative visualization and useful planning for your coming future. You also have chance to analyze your wisdom and discover something new within that hypnotic meditation. Deep relaxation really gives us infinite pleasure and never dimming satisfaction, which is the matter we are searching from ages.
  • Repeat autosuggestion step in the same manner. Nowadays hypnotics CD's are available everywhere for this purpose. Find effective CD that suits your ambition.
  • At last, gradually return to the waking stage, feel the full consciousness.
The essential stages of meditation explained above are generalization of all meditating practices.

Avoiding alcoholism and drug addiction by practicing yoga.

  Alcoholism and drug addiction is a major social evil in the modern context independent of any country, caste, culture and creed. We know that in health care centers, it is used for the treatment of diseases but nowadays we listen about people victimized by drugging and drinking habit everywhere. Our peoples, our near and dears have in their mind wisdom about harms that alcohol and drug could do, but unfortunately, they turn a blind eye on this fact. They continue this evil habits for the sake of false satisfaction, which is temporary and illusive, destructive and damaging to our career. This is indeed bad for them, for their society, their nation and for all of us. Friends, it is very necessary to find a solution for the long term. Therefore, those who have been accustomed with this evil behave can correct them by practicing Yoga.
   Dear friends, you may not know that I, once, used to do drug. When I recall those days, my mind begin to fill with indefinite terror even today. Today, I am totally transformed and living a well reputed life with a nice job in  financial sector, a happy family furnished with love and affection, and a good social respect. I give this whole credits to yoga and meditation practicing culture , which rescue my destroyed life from the horrors of alcoholism and drug addiction. I along with my friends, used to enjoy several sorts of drugs like heroin, smack, morphine, lysergic acid and mostly cannabis. These inoculations and injections gave us variety of mental feelings and emotional abnormalities such as floating sensation, feeling of relaxation, exhilaration as well as escape of pain, anxiety and frustration. I used that dirty way of living because of my peer pressure at that time and lost everything I had and those I could establish. I got nothing positive by this, only hatred and negligence i had obtained. I had been a alien in my own home, a monster in my own society and perhaps a serious burden in my own motherland. Considering all these evil consequences and my worsen health condition, one day I decided to abandon my bad habit, avoid Alcoholism and drug addiction and ultimately restore my happy life.
  At last, I visited Swami Ramananda in Awalching, wept in front of him and told my whole panic story. He somehow, quieten me and promised to help and remove me from the drug trap. After learning Yoga philosophy, meaning of life and my duty to whole world, and practicing different yoga and meditation poses regularly, finally I got restored in my normal life again. That day was a great day in my life, I was very very happy. I will never forget that life transforming moments. And many many thanks to my guru who enlighten my life. I will also never forget his contribution.
 Habits die hard. They determine our destiny, our personality. Drug and alcohol addictions are bad habits of today's youth. and bad habits only do physical, moral, social and economic degradation. Therefore, it is very essential to replace them by forming good habits in order to glorify our fame and name. Good habits give a charm to our personality and we will have a matchless character.

Meditation about aims in life

Human life is a long run and with this feeling, there arises some typical aims, aspirations or goal that an individuals desire to achieve. Many experiences and sufferings, either good or worse hit our existence time and again. Then, we get either relaxed or agitated or sometimes weaken in our life. This is a simple plotting about how your life goes ahead. Now, it is better to meditate about aims of our life. We all know that life is not a smooth happening, undulation or fluctuating incidents are inevitable. Besides these, there is also charm of life which allure to survive and vibrate our existence much more. Smiling lips and mesmerizing events are the beauty of life, we often encounter.
  What will happen when your bike goes away from your path?  Does a flying kite achieve its ambition of touching the sky when it suddenly lose its connection with the thread? The same fate we will suffer, if we lost our track, loosing track means deviating from our disciplined life style. A ship without compass can not find it shore, moves here and there, revolve in the same location for all the time over the vast ocean, and has no any alternative to do except waiting for the fatal storm. Likewise, a man without his aim has nothing specialization to do continuously, so that expertness could not  be acquired. He wanders in life because he is aimless, he never do meditation about aims in life, never try to understand the meaning of ambition. His future depends upon the circumstances which he encounter. Control is lost and dependency with the luck dominate over the labor and wit. Consequences are unambiguous. Life will plunge deep in the darkness and this seems to be irreversible.
  Then, what to do? How to avoid such pitfalls and how to secure our life? I meditate this cautiously and arrive to a conclusion. At first, we have to make our mind open for the feeling of goodness and badness. When our mind resume its ability to determine right and wrong and we strictly attach with its decision every time, we get habituated. Then, find out those abilities and peculiarities within you that could sparkle your destiny. Giving enough consideration to your capabilities, then select your aims in life, note down in your heart, and make a road map, plans and strategies for its achievement. Do not mix unfairness culture, rude shortcut trends and dishonesty in the name of getting success. Such polluted techniques, although satisfy you temporarily, will create an enormous bad mark in your whole career. Once you convert your activities into habits, they never go away. Habits die hard. They become a part of your personality. They transforms into the key of your success. So, a person should have a noble aim in life. We should work hard honestly, sincerely and diligently to achieve it. Pleasant life is waiting us ahead.....
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7 Chakra meditation in yoga

Human body is bilaterally symmetrical, this means it can be divided into two equal portions from the center. Along the central imaginary line that passes from our forehead and between our legs, lies some 7chakras. Chakras are the energy centers resembling like wheels and situated inside our internal organs like Heart, Head, Windpipe, etc. Regarding the age old Chakras meditation in Yoga, it can be said that these are highly helpful to cure particular physical disturbances and increasing concentration. These are only few mostly expected outcomes, the detail importance of Chakras still need to be explored. These energy spins are intimately associated with the neighboring organs and regulates it vital function as long as it remains healthy. Now,let we discuss point wise about these focal centers of vital energy.
  • Root Chakra(Red): This is situated at the base of our spine. It is regarded as the powerhouse of spiritual power because it is often believed that energy flows from this center towards our upper body. This center has supreme ability to master our body.
  • Naval Chakra(Orange): It lies in lower abdomen near urinary bladder and is related to mental and emotional feelings like love, respect, harmony, generosity,etc.
  • Solar plexus(Yellow): Solar plexus is important for increasing concentration, control and self discipline. It is situated at our upper abdomen.
  • Heart Chakra(Green): Love feelings like affection, forgiveness, compassion, harmony, etc. radiate from this center and is located at the center of our chest.
  • Throat center(Blue): Complete opening of this center improve our communication ability, matures our understanding and adds to our wisdom. It is situated below epiglottis.
  • Third Eye(Indigo): This is located just about our nose on the forehead. This center is related to our perception, understanding, intuition and philosophy that is beyond our physical realm. In meditation, realization of soul is possible only after concentrating at third eye.
  • Crown Chakra(Violet): It is located at the topmost region of our head and directly related to the dealing of mind and soul. A meditator can use this focus to clarify one's consciousness.
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Get up early in the morning to do Yoga for best results.

Our saints and sages often reiterate, Start your life early, do not do late. Getting up early in the morning around 3:00 is considered best for spiritual development according to Hindu God Brahma. Have you ever contemplated about the benefits of waking up early in the morning? Large numbers of scientific and philosophical researches carried out by many experts in United state of America have clearly proved this fact. Early in the morning, after doing daily sanitation of yourself and defecation, practice of Yoga postures and meditations helps us to achieve optimum benefits and strong belief in these age long philosophical practice. In my own life, during the first week of my beginning it was very difficult to stick rigidly with my time table but gradually I adapt on my planning without any reluctance feeling in my interior. This achievement is because of the fact that if we attach and indulge our-self in some irritating task continuously keeping enough patience, at last our endocrines get habituated to secret related hormones and bio-molecules, body gets adjusted in its flexibility, our brain becomes addicted with that particular task and our heart finally become harmonize with the spirit of that duty. That practice which looked violent ghost initially, transforms into a intimate fellow or  caretaker or a nice beloved at last.
  You do many useless things within your sense or out of your senses frequently. In Einstein view, over 50% of active time period of a normal man is always wasted. This reality is really painful. It would be better to learn and apply enthusiastically  a new useful teaching instead of this aforementioned loss. It is like generating high voltage electricity utilizing water that is following away your territory. This philosophical ideas may seem childish but it surely convey a great meaning to you, to everyone who want to change their scenario permanently. Early in the morning, atmosphere is clean( dust particles has been precipitated on the ground), there is appropriate humidity in air and air contains different types of plant aroma( good for our health according to Ayurveda). Also, our mind has re-energized after the sleep and our body has been calmed from any pain, any irritation or allergies. Morning time is best time to establish divine relationship by connecting your mind with your soul and your soul with the supernatural soul-the god.
MagDalyns Online  I am now 25. I have got a peaceful, prosperous and productive life because of these principles- leaving bed early in the morning, opening windows and doing Yoga under divine care. I love my life, you also love. Then, why not to habituate in this culture?
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meditation to achieve success in study

Meditation is too much popular but not new for us. Meditation guides to seek something within yourself, listen your inner echos, restrengthen your mental feeling and trace a definite way to conduct your life activities. You know you must read, make notes, mentally contemplate lecture taught to you by  creative thinking, but you never take this seriously. You only become serious during the last moment, during the eleventh hours of your exam date. Your accustomed way of cheating yourself and procrastination never goes, time passes, remain active only during critical moments, then after slow down, in this manner your life is spent gaining nothing. This background is the urge behind the concept of meditation to achieve success in study.
   Human instinct mostly wants to revolve around certain deteriorating factors like: greed, illusion, hatred and carelessness. Such inclination shows hindering influence in learning mechanism. How much can be obtained is never obtained. There is no full utilization of one's potentiality so lagging behind in knowledge gaining. In this scenario, one of the effective solution to keep everything in right points is to practice some useful meditation everyday as your daily routine. Now, it is essential to discuss little bit about benefits which are probable for a enthusiastic meditation learner. Meditation works by three steps: firstly, it cut down sensual desire of all categories flourishing in your inner-side. This effectively blocks all means of distraction pathways from main topic in hand. As a result, your fluctuating concentration now changes into the continuous type of focusing in your subject matter.
   Secondly, this cultivates sense of mindfulness and creative thinking utilizing valid information stored in your brain. Carelessness and confusion no more survive in your life style and you gradually develop a enhanced habit of correctly thinking and reasoning your studied matter. Lastly, the ideology of meditation targets your sub conscious mind, reactivate as well as habituate it in order to achieve a particular goal. If 90% sub-conscious wins over 10% conscious mind in a positive way, there will be dramatic success in your learning. Thus, the use of meditation to achieve success in study can not be neglected.
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What is after death, Yoga perspective

Like all other creatures, Human body has a limited lifespan. After gradual deterioration of our body and its intricate system we have to die. Our body will lose its existence forever. Is this the end of human life? Is there any chance of life after death by which we man can flourish forever in different roles and circumstances? These are some of enthusiastic queries to contemplate further. Our Scientific advancements and innovations are unfortunately unable to explore beyond the death. What is after death is therefore confusion, an illusion among many peoples. Yoga, a technique of spiritual revolution, is such a gadget which can eliminate all our illusions and fills our mind with the limelight of true knowledge regarding this fact.
  If you think that Yoga will fill your mind with conventional rubbish making you stereotypical, then in this presumption this yogic interpretation of life after death is only an added illusion over existing illusion. Before understanding and experiencing God and his divine powers in this universe, Yoga will be itself a hindrance and all interpretation and illustration are just waste of time and deterioration of our mind.
  In terms of Yoga philosophy, human body is composed of three parts: physical body, subtle body and vital body. After death, physical body is destroyed and recycled in this Earth. So, it is also called temporary life, influenced, changed and ultimately destroyed. Vital body is a kind of force of nature- the force by which we speak, read and write, walk, consider and do lots of human activities. After death, this force returned to the Nature. The most precious, precious because it is immortal, body is subtle body. This includes Soul embodied by mental and emotional feelings of different varieties. Where the subtle body goes after death is decided by deeds done during lifetime of human body. Heaven and Hell are respectively there for those who have done dominant number of Good deeds and bad deeds or sins. As a result of Godly punishment or rewards, soul resides in either place. Completely purified and fully spiritual soul cross the barrier of heaven and hell and is directly launched to the land of God, forever. 

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