What is after death, Yoga perspective

Like all other creatures, Human body has a limited lifespan. After gradual deterioration of our body and its intricate system we have to die. Our body will lose its existence forever. Is this the end of human life? Is there any chance of life after death by which we man can flourish forever in different roles and circumstances? These are some of enthusiastic queries to contemplate further. Our Scientific advancements and innovations are unfortunately unable to explore beyond the death. What is after death is therefore confusion, an illusion among many peoples. Yoga, a technique of spiritual revolution, is such a gadget which can eliminate all our illusions and fills our mind with the limelight of true knowledge regarding this fact.
  If you think that Yoga will fill your mind with conventional rubbish making you stereotypical, then in this presumption this yogic interpretation of life after death is only an added illusion over existing illusion. Before understanding and experiencing God and his divine powers in this universe, Yoga will be itself a hindrance and all interpretation and illustration are just waste of time and deterioration of our mind.
  In terms of Yoga philosophy, human body is composed of three parts: physical body, subtle body and vital body. After death, physical body is destroyed and recycled in this Earth. So, it is also called temporary life, influenced, changed and ultimately destroyed. Vital body is a kind of force of nature- the force by which we speak, read and write, walk, consider and do lots of human activities. After death, this force returned to the Nature. The most precious, precious because it is immortal, body is subtle body. This includes Soul embodied by mental and emotional feelings of different varieties. Where the subtle body goes after death is decided by deeds done during lifetime of human body. Heaven and Hell are respectively there for those who have done dominant number of Good deeds and bad deeds or sins. As a result of Godly punishment or rewards, soul resides in either place. Completely purified and fully spiritual soul cross the barrier of heaven and hell and is directly launched to the land of God, forever. 

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