What is fear of God?

God create this Universe, our Earth and its living creatures. He is the creator of man and wants man to spend life like his life, filled with godly features. If we spend our life without feeling his fear and doing amoral activities, he will punish us. In this kingdom of God, there is full Justice. If you disrespect God existence and his supremacy, distraction appears in your life,you will become selfish and self-oriented, you will do foolish &dirty deeds, finally encounter many bad consequences one after another as an Avalanche. There is a famous proverb in English: "no fear of God, no progress". Thus, the fear of God is the beginning of understanding, gateway of wisdom. Proper and humble response to God brings good consequences rather than bad. Such fear makes man moral and disciplined. He never hurt others, give hand in other trouble, medicine other pain and do as much he can for the betterment of entire human society. Everywhere he disperse love, affection, salutation and Goodwill. Because these are within the command of God. When the man fulfill all these commands, there is no further fear so that he feels protected from God, also he believes that God will fully help him when he needs. He feels fully safe, satisfied and clear from all aspects. God fear is good, it helps to hate evils- a cultivation of good habit which will finally drives you in the peak of success. 
  If I have no fear of God, I may sleep with my Girlfriend. This may leads  to several disgusting results and eventually demoralize my life. On the other hand, if I have a strong fear of God, I never try to sleep with my Girlfriend before marriage. Because this is against the rules of God. And I am safe, also the life-soothing connection with the God is preserved.
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