Kapalbhati pranyama for your optimum health

Kapalbhati pranayama(Kapalbhati breathing exercise) is very simple, highly beneficial form of Pranayama indicated in Patanjali yoga sutra. It has many advantages: It cures all the diseases of digestive system. It regulates proper secretion of digestive enzymes, reduces unnecessary growth of liver, controls the heat production from the liver, minimize the adverse impacts of smoking, Drugs and Alcohol. Person never feels the deficiency of essential amino-acids and Vitamins because of their protection and economical use in our body system. Hair grows on bald head & the problem of  falling hair, problem of whitening hair gets permanent solution. Trouble occurring due to hypo or hyper secretion of Endocrine system comes to an end. kapalbhati pranayama is much more fruitful for the patients of Lungs and Heart. Because this helps to remove toxins & interfering matters from our Lungs, also opens the blockage in our blood circulation & optimize the Pacemaker of our heart, strengthening it from core level. This also purify blood, refresh mind, create favorable stage for opening Chakras, etc. Aids and Cancer are two challenging diseases in entire human history. The most interesting fact is that Kapalbhati Pranayama is highly effective to suppress the spread of evil consequences of these dangerous diseases. In conclusion, it can be said that our life can be protected from all types of dreadful attacks, either mental or physical or psychological, by the adoption of just a single technique- this Kapalbhati technique.
  • Steps of doing this Yoga: 
  • Sit down in a comfortable posture, crossed legged posture is highly recommended. Close your eyes, make your body posture straight by stretching your spine and neck.
  • Keep your hand in Gyan mudra on your knees. In Gyan mudra Thumb tip is joined with your index finger tip, while all other fingers are kept in straight position.
  • Throw air from your Lungs forcefully so that stomach is drawn towards you. Focus only in exhaling air, not in inhaling. Inhalation will occur automatically.
  • Repeat this practice for at least 5 minutes. You may take short rest between this interval. To get real benefits from Kapalbhati pranayama, you need to do it for 15 to 20 minutes each day for at least 3 months. Therefore patience is essential thing. 
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