Scientific Enlightenment age

Scientific Enlightenment age began from Europe. This type of Enlightenment is totally different from the previously discussed spiritual Enlightenment. Acquiring an ideal stage of soul was mentioned as Spiritual enlightenment, While the topic Scientific Enlightenment refers to the revolution of science and technology through the betterment of way of thinking, observing and perceiving knowledge. This means minimization of human errors, faults and ignorance by the rise of consciousness thoughts, experience & behavior. Replacement of age old dogmatic principle which misinterpreted and confuse our understanding. With the expansion of scientific inventions & concepts Human way of sensing and interpreting dramatically changed. Human intuition guided by the unbiased observation works then. Liberation of human mind from acute ignorance and innocent occurs in the Scientific Enlightenment age.

  Domination of Monarchy by democratic principle, and then affinity of communism against Democracy appears in the political field. People began to believe in human vigor and ability rather than their fate. It was the first time when people realized that human destiny can be twisted on one's favor, in accordance to the one's desire. Such changes at first start in France, where people begin to search, link, blend and practically apply ideas by totally rejecting traditional beliefs authorized by Catholic Church. Concepts of free market capitalism was established. Education, literature and physical developments increases enormously. Today, developed countries like America, Britain, Germany, Australia, China, and Canada are some extreme examples of countries in this Scientific Enlightenment age.

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