Power Yoga

   Power Yoga is a general term used by American people to indicate Yoga for Physical fitness and developing vigor. Power Yoga is a modified form of Ashtanga Yoga, focusing mainly in physical strength and flexibility. The concept of Power Yoga was introduced by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, who inspired western People with Ashtanga Yoga style and philosophies. Power Yoga is generally believed as the modified western version of Eastern Ashtanga Yoga Philosophy, developed during the globalization of yoga concept. Power Yoga includes several types of Yoga Poses that really have the special potential of emulating a rigorous perfect body, mental tranquility and deep concentration.
  Power Yoga has many more benefits, After regular practice of power yoga for about three months You will fully stretch and strengthen your body, also make your mind calm and relaxed with increased creativity. 
  Benefits of Power Yoga:
  1. Increase Muscular strength and also tones them.
  2. Increase Joint flexibility and give you strength, stamina and creativity to win games.
  3. Reduce your Tension and Anxiety, increase your ability to focus.
  4. Remove harmful toxins from your body in the form of sweat.
  5. Power yoga tones properly your body and maintain your good posture.
  6. It creates Athletic like body to bear every strain of this competitive environment.


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