Purpose of yoga for modern man

Human life is full of difficulties, hazards and continuous tears . In every steps we encounter troubles, feel strain and stress from many direction and all these really pinch us, make us mad and senseless. Yoga will a real solution in such case. Various methods and guidelines of eastern yoga philosophy will change a man's life, make better and supernatural. Yoga for what? for mind , for muscular strength, for purification of soul or to waste time. This is a considerable topic to discuss. Those things that you love, that you enjoy much, that you consider superior than others, and be unique any how, by any huff and puff-accumulate power, money and physical strength is not the inherent purpose of yoga. If someone says i get wealth by practicing yoga or i pass exam by consulting pranayams, it is fool saying and he is misunderstanding about the yoga philosophy. Jumping freely from a tower and doing so called magic is not the outcome of yoga. Then what? What is the true purpose of yoga for modern man like us- surviving in this disgusting man made environ. In fact, Yoga neither give you pleasure nor pain. Pleasure and pain are like alternating seasons which man encounters every year, every age and every era. There is no regard of time and other known factors. Purpose of yoga is emancipation, freedom and liberty from the feeling of good or bad , right or wrong and indulgence in deep work without any imagination of outcome. Finally, a stage will arrive when You will be on earth but completely disconnected from it's disturbance and free from all those aforementioned pains. Purpose of yoga is thus achievement of enlightenment- a stage of perfect man.

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