memonics- effective memory sharpening ways

Mnemonics is not magic but it performs like a magic and instantly improve your memory. For sharpening memory Mnemonics is not like other memory systems but it do much more than any other techniques to sharpen your memory. Mnemonics tricks for memory is short hand method by linking mostly to keep memory for a long time in your permanent memory. Most mnemonic tricks  fall into three categories: Acronyms, Acrostics, and Rhymes/LyricsAcronyms work especially well if the first letters of your list work happen to look like a word. If not, you're stuck with a real "acronym" (a random group of letters).This is highly valuable for your instant memory improvement because it is like a memory game full of interest and enthusiasm. The best thing that can be said about the acronym method is that it's quick. Don't rely on it for information you need to remember long-term.
Acrostics are very much similar to the acronyms. But instead of just remembering the first letters of the items in the list, you take each first letter and create a word. Then you string the words into a silly (and easy-to-remember) sentence. As we know humor brings rapid impulse transmission through our neural networks, this method is sure to sharpen our memory.
Rhymes: We always remember the lyrics for that favorite song whenever it is played on the radio? One reason is that the music itself is a memory aid. So, artful technique strengthen memory. using Lyrics and Rhymes in study is wisely choice of a smart student.
Mnemonics are not much good techniques in my opinion. Memory systems are true miracles to sharpen your memory.

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