Yoga for Stress Management

    Till now there is no any Supercomputer that had the capacity identical to the human brain. This indicates about the extremely complicated structural and functional format of our brain. In such a complicated system appearance of strain due to slight encounter of stress is inevitable. Stress is a response to a psychological distress, threat or physical disturbance, guided by a chain of hormonal and biochemical reactions in our body. A host of studies shows that yoga, a natural therapy is highly beneficial for stress management. Therefore it is good for everyone to focus on "Yoga for Stress Management". There is deep inter-relation between yoga and stress management, since yoga and stress acts against each other, thus neutralizing the harmful effects that can victimize your mind.This is just like the neutralization reaction between acid and base producing neutral compounds salt and water ultimately.
   In this modern world almost all of we suffer from stress in every corner of our life. As a result, we often use medications like taking narcotics, tranquilizers sedatives and Blood pressure slowing drugs. It is sad to use medicine to cure mental stress, strain and anxiety. It only give temporary remedy. It can not inculcate stress management and mind control habits, rather it creates serious malfunctioning of your brain in near future. In this tentative context- only one wise way that we can apply is Stress management through yoga.
  Yoga is best solution against stress. Yoga is ancient practice for sound health and re-attainment technique of energized & tranquil condition. Yoga works in two ways for stress management. By breathing meditation and by progressive muscular relaxation. Both stationary and mobile poses of Yoga plus deep breathing techniques eliminate your stress. Yoga is such a relaxation technique that can eradicate all types of stress( overexcited, under-excited and frozen).  and by

   Sit on the mat comfortably and inhale deep breathe saying "OOM". Do harmonized inhalation and exhalation in presence of meditation music. While meditation think only bright & inspiring aspect of human, life, feel your inner potentiality, realize that one day you will die and finally be well balanced between under-excitation and over-excitation. Make meditation a philosophy of your life.

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