memory making and test taking strategies

How to take test about your subject matters so that memory is enhanced is a common quest of many students. Memory making and test taking strategies should be constructed for maximum use of mind in critical condition. Useful test taking strategies in fact sharpen memory a lot. The most essential test taking strategy is to prepare ahead of time. Studying one or two days before the test is unproductive and Yield less result. Therefore it is best idea to start a week or even a month before to prepare. This helps in long term memory making and do better in test. Plan and divide time to your major subjects, study as much as possible, organize and assemble ideas and practice answering questions that are sure to come. For this purpose your "course of study" and Old question bank will prove helpful. Testing yourself to retrieve information about already studied material is good for long term memory making for your perfect yield in test. Read the article about super memory making to learn some essential test taking strategies. Attend review sessions if available, give enough importance to your notes, dig deeper in your books and practice and practice. Because practice makes a man perfect. Utilize mind mapping and mnemonics techniques to memorize difficult topic in your memory. Study with friends is very nice method- This helps to make discussion(this in turn enhance your long term memory), avoids pitfalls in understanding and boost your confidence. Finally you have to think about your upcoming exam. How many questions and of how much marks will be asked and how can I effectively divide my time in exam hall. These questions should be properly answered and a action plan must be mapped. Nothing to be afraid because you have applied memory making and test taking strategies explained here.

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