Learning Yoga at home

      Learning yoga at home instead of going long way to the yoga center is very great idea. If you are beginner of yoga than until you acquire enough proficiency you have to go to yoga training center. Even in those days sufficient homework is essential for better learning because yoga is learning by experience and practice like learning of spectroscopy. Yoga performance everyday as your lifestyle is needed for the long term benefit. Minimum of 6 months practice of relevant yoga items gives you first hand improvement and achievement as you desire. Every month and every year each morning visiting your yoga teacher is not practicable. So, in this context you must make habit of doing yoga by solving your intermittent difficulties through Internet and yoga channels. 
      I highly recommend you to practice yoga in your home in a regular basis. Your roommate and your whole family will be benefited by this. Mutual co-operation and feeling of affection within your family will be increased. Your Guests will also be benefited and highly impressed from your improved lifestyle. Make a routine, select some fundamental yoga and few others which are specific for yourself. For example: to solve the problem of early ejaculation you can practice pranayamas. Keeping your backbone straight sit comfortably on the mat by folding your legs. Then after focus on throwing out air from lungs( vigorous exhalation). Exhalation rate must be about 60 times per minute. Concentrate in exhalation not in inhalation.
   In the early morning do everyday repeated saying of Om, sun salutations, some hatha poses, few pranayamas and 15 minutes meditation about your life, god and existence. Success will be in your feet and everything will be in your control, you will have healthy, self-controlled and perfect life.

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