Ramdev Baba Yoga

   In present time Yoga has been established as a worldwide natural therapy to cure almost all disease and variety of mental and physical weakness. For this purpose, name of Ramdev Baba is very popular. He is an Indian Guru of Yoga philosophy.

   Ramdev Baba is a yogic guru from Haridwar, India  who has been responsible for re-introducing all forms of Yogic practices and enlightenment techniques in the common people. His great contribution  of making yoga practice as simple as possible has been the root cause of getting the common man into practicing yoga.
   Swami Ramdev launched several Yoga campaigns during different chronological era. Swami Ramdev yoga for weight  loss is based on hatha yoga like Tadasan, Sirshasan, Parwatasan, Sawasan, Halasan, Sarbagasan, etc. These yoga poses are effective in losing fats without any side effects. Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati pranayamas of Ramdev Baba yoga have revolutionized the way by which people think about yoga. Cleansing of  vital organs, mental tranquility and increase in concentration are the benefits of these pranayams. Swami Ramdev had done many useful research in low and high blood pressure, Diabetes, acidity and hyper-acidity, Arthritis, Obesity, etc and developed their effective solution via Yoga practice.

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