Namaste and Welcome in this Yoga blog.

Namaste and Welcome in this Yoga and meditation Blog.
My name is Kumar Sapkota.   There is only one race, the race of humanity. And I belong to this. I always try to help you to march forward in the path of spirituality. This blog is an incentive for achieving this goal for the sake of humanity. To spread divine love in this world and let it to diffuse into you, for you to be the oasis of infinite compassion, henceforth uprising your sense of creativity.

 What is Kundalini awakening? Why yoga for us? How to achieve Enlightenment? What are our subtle power and how to utilize them? Can’t we make an influential personality with very simple technology? Need help in study, want to concentrate far better, unknown about key of success, willing to intensify your vital energy instantly, then what is the royal road to follow. These all inquires were answered satisfactorily in this site. Everyday discussion about a new topic begins, solving all your questions and confusions one by one.
In this blog, there is an ever-growing collection of the many great resources I have found to assist us all walk down our spiritual path with confidence and support.

Free from religion based discrimination and others biases, this site “Yoga poses and meditation- fitness, enlightenment” includes many concepts relevant to Spiritual progress and self improvement ideas via overall revolution.
I encourage you to do comment. Saying something about my presentation, asking about clarification over misunderstood ideas, or adding some useful and relevant information of your own will further strengthen our relationship, glorify our platonic love.

I must give thanks to the contributors who share their thoughts about Yoga and meditations on the website to compliment my research, and to all of the supporters who provide regular feedback.
I’ve made many wonderful friends through this stage of my journey – and look forward for making many more … through the service of writing and truth discovering.

In Love and Light, We Flourish!
With best regards
Kumar Sapkota

Energy healing by Kundalini.

 The power of Kundalini has enabled me to see inside my body; energy healing gives psychic power so that the healer could see inside others body. This capability, associated with the power to transfer energy via the hands, is the identification of the energy healer. Many energy healing by kundalini power have developed the ability to see inside bodies at a distance.
What does this indicate about the relationship between Kundalini and energy healing? Are energy healers Kundalini awakening? Is Kundalini a fundamental thing for energy healing?

It is true that they are natural healers, in that they were born with, or somehow acquired it along the way. Yes, some people don't really have to do anything to awaken or activate Kundalini. It awakens naturally. "An ever-disturbing reality for lots of people is the suffering of pain in their lives. It can be due to arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular problems, and the list increases and increases. The primary matter the energy worker needs to understand is that all pain is the result of static energy. The body is sending a message that something is not correct and needs to have enough attention at that area.

At this point, it is essential to decide the most effective way to manage the static energy. The day I started seeing inside the human body, I had no any formal training in healing but I knew I could not let my patients go until I at least attempted to eliminate the darkness I saw in his belly, chest, and brain and wherever needed. Not knowing any modality, I began to move my hand back and forth over the dark area. I saw yellowish beams flowing out my fingers towards the stomach. When the defected area was filled with light, I knew the 'healing process' was complete."

What are Yoga Pilate exercises?

   Yoga Pilate exercises for quick energy is very popular at the present stage for maximum utilization of our mind and body. Capacity inside you means your potentiality. If this potential energy is anyhow transformed into use able form, then it immediately takes the form of action. The voluntary muscles of the body are re-energized and strengthened using series of movements that use gravity, body mass and specially constructed equipment for providing resistance. Yoga Pilates exercises habituate the mind to maintain a constant level of awareness of the way the body moves.  This vastly developed methodology gives correct way to control our movements. Joseph Pilates initiated this technique while he was working with injure soldiers in First World War.  During that time, he had developed a credible system of conditioning and rehabilitation the body.

Benefits of yoga Pilate exercises:

Body fitness maintaining
Pilates acts on the body in a functional way, using muscles in harmony with each other.  This is the way that the body is designed to be used and the movement sequences performed can prepare you for the physical challenges of everyday life. 
Soothing of stress
Pilates trains you to remain focused on your movements.  This is excellent for pushing out the voices in your head that are reminding you to pay the bills, get the mobile phone charged and finish every works that was due in yesterday. You learn to breathe properly which is another recognized stress reduction mechanism.    
Stability and body postures
Poor posture is liable to a variety of aches and pains that hamper a large percentage of the population.  According to the BBC Health web site, ‘4 in 5 adults experience back pain at some stage of their life.  If your parents didn’t have time to teach you to sit up straight, then Pilates is definitely for this purpose.  Pilates teaches you to consciously maintain better physiological alignment in all positions and during movement.  By properly coordinating the body as a whole, we are firmer, thus decreasing the probability of injury caused by over-stress in one area. 
Muscle development and Strength
Pilates is a fantastic way to mature your muscles.  In order to get highlighted results you should participate in 3 or more pilates classes or join studio pilates per week.  And if you have a thick layer of fat tissue, hiding your ‘ripped’ physique then your Pilates workouts will need to be complimented with 5 x 30 minute cardiovascular workouts per week to get rid of unnecessary fat.
Improved Body Awareness
Yoga pilates exercises are designed to improve balance and coordination by making a greater connection between the mind and body.  Person practicing pilates should not give up the muscular treatment continuously. Pilates is a perfect way to get back in touch with your own body so that you can use it to its full potential.
Treatment of injury
Pilates is not a substitute for medical advice.  However doctors, physiotherapists, and osteopaths cannot do your exercises for you.  Your time with them is often brief and then you are on your own in the intervening periods.  In most cases you don’t think about their advice again until you are in the clinic waiting for your next appointment.  One of the great things about Pilates is that it provides you with a structured method of taking control and improving your own strength and stamina.  Pilates is now widely provided throughout the UK and is a proved technique to advance the structural integrity of your body. 

How to start meditation?

It is not imaginary claim that daily meditation can have a great impact positively on your mind and body.  Learning how to start meditation for only 30 minutes a day can have significant health improvements. Daily meditation practice reduces the strain of our busy and anxious lifestyle. Below, a complete explanation of how to start meditation is pointed for making your learning easy.

Meditation is for peace via mental relaxation.

 Calmness is the perfect state in which we should receive all life's experiences. To understand, to admit wit fully and to prevent repetition of so called errors, our activities must be under the full control of our mind. Through meditation, one can cultivate a wonderful inner peace that will sweep away stress and nervousness. But to meditate, one must remove his connection with this cosmic world, with his lovely surrounding. Turn off your cell phone, shut down your computer, leave the company of your friends and relatives for sometimes, and find a pleasant and pollution free isolated spot for this special practice, the practice of meditation.

Meditation is the ideal antidote for the regular counterbalance of technology in our lives. In fact, recent scientific study has shown that meditating twice per day for about 30 minutes can really minimize blockages in your blood vessels, significantly decreasing the risk of sudden death by heart stroke.
Useful hints before starting your every day meditation:

Suitable place for meditation: You may wish to do meditation in clean and holy place, your own bedroom is also suitable, a calm, quiet and peaceful place. You might furnish the area with objects or symbols that have certain spiritual meaning for you, developing a holy feeling within you.

How Should I Sit When I Meditate? Although the common pose is to sit with legs folded and hands resting quietly on the lap or the knees, it is necessary to find a style of sitting that is comfortable and stable for you. We can do meditation anywhere, anytime, while walking towards work, while driving our vehicle, while waiting for the girlfriend, while sweeping the floor and so on. There is, in fact, no any restriction in terms of time and place. You can harmonize meditation with your breath, so applying the principle “no breath no life and no meditation no life”.
How Long could I Meditate? Many yogi and ancient Ayurveda literature recommend about half an hour of meditation daily, if someone is more enthusiastic in it, they should do it twice daily. However, research conducted by Mandra yoga trust in our community few months ago, did not find harmony between time of practice and effect experienced by the practitioner. Why this happened? Here the deciding factor is not only length, but also quality and deepness of meditation. Degree of mental illness or stress, strength and flexibility of body organs are also some limiting factors. So, in this context, it is important to decide best duration of meditation, you should also make your meditation more and more advanced day by day to claim the real progress finally.

Tantra yoga practice to increase sexual power.

 Tantra yoga practice is popular for increasing sexual power. Just above the base of spine Sex chakra is situated. Opening of this chakra via Tantra yoga boosts our sexual vigor many times than before. This is therefore very important for happy conjugal life.

How Tantra yoga improves our sexual life?

1. This helps to awaken sex chakra from its coiled state and activate kundalini energy.
2. Improves sperm vitality and number as well as cures anomalies related with our sex organs.
3. By balancing quantity and time of release of hormones, improve our sexual performance and durability.

Simple procedure of Tantric yoga improves sexual life.

1.Sit down on your mat with your leg crossed and hands placed on your lap. This is one of the comfortable postures to start.
2.Take some deep breaths slowly.  This will calm down your body and mind.
3.Make your spine straight upwards, stretch your neck and gently bring your chin back and in, like a soldier attention.
4.Inhale air deeply, hold your breath in your lungs and contract your urethra muscle.  This is the muscle you contract when you are holding back from pissing.  Contracting this muscle means pulling it up and inwards.
5.You have to hold your breath and contraction for at least 5 seconds.  Then release the contraction and exhale out air.
6.Repeat this procedure for 7 more time

      After some days of practice your can gradually increase your time of contraction and number of repeating the process. In the male the testes will move slightly upwards, while in the female the labia will show motion when applying this tantric technique.
     This tantric process is much delicate and needs your mental focus and concentration to get its real benefit.  To make this effective, you must be able to contract the urethra exclusively and not engage in other genital and sexual muscles.  Patience and continuous practice is essential for at least 3 months.

How to remember almost every thing?

    The trouble of remembering isn’t due to the absence of information in your brain, whatever you read, listen and observe are always encoded in your nerves without loss.  The problem to remember is to find or retrieve the information.  It is much difficult task to find particular bit of information from a random heap of knowledge in your mind. This can be made clear by stating a simple example. If you are given the task of finding a particular book from a zigzag collection of 1 million books, this may takes more than a month before you can actually find it. But if you are said to find the same book from a library, where strict alphabetical ordering of books location is done, I am sure that you can find it within few minutes. Now, how to remember almost everything instantaneously depends upon how well you understand above concept and apply in your daily life to resemble your mind as a library.

      Research shows that the storage capacity of human brain is unlimited. A hardworking scientist or philosopher cannot utilize more than 10 %  of his memory space, how hard he try, involve, meditate, or survive. It is the disorganization in your mind, not the amount of material that hinders memory.  Long-term memory is relatively permanent, and has a virtually unlimited storage capacity.  

      A disorganized mind is like a filing cabinet into which documents have been thrown at random without any fix location of finding them, with no folders or labels. When you try to find a particular item, the heap of the rest make your efforts astronomically tough.
However, if all the papers and documents are in labeled folders, and the folders are in labeled drawers of room, finding what you want is very easy by simply looking under the appropriate heading.

      The memory system techniques are what you use to create these labels for your mental filing cabinet or hooks to hold information. They can be used to remember people's names, Dictionary words, math formulas, and summary of text, speeches, procedures, definitions, history, and almost any other information. This surely makes you to remember better.
1.      Key word method:  Helps to remember vocabulary and learn foreign languages.
2.      Peg method: This method makes memory of lists of information strong and permanent.
3.      Link method: Inter and Intra linking of key words boosts our memory.
4.      Journey method: Explore from a stating concept, through different points of keywords and finally reaching to the end, the destination.

Help to remember easily.

     Many times same incident repeat like an evil habituation, read whole over the year, study vigorously during exam time, but unfortunately forget every details while writing down on your copy in final day. This becomes a painful joke in your life, repeated again and again without any idea of transformation. And all we need is help for stopping forgetting; help to remember easily. At this moment, some practical tricks for helping you to remember are mention below:

1. Make connections with what you already know.
       If you meet a friend, in your mind link the name with some features in his face. Or think about a famous person with that name. Your brain saves information in a network of connected ideas. Your brain will remember better if you connect new information to old one. If you are preparing for an exam, understand how this material is connected to material you are already familiar and talk about it out loud. If you are memorizing a speech, start the speech with something easy for you to remember - a story or a famous quotation. Then frame out the speech along a series of related mental connections.

2. Visualize the text to memorize fast and remember better.
      Make a mental outline. Think what it would look like. You can increase this with some memorization by imagining you can smell it or probe it. Make an interesting and often funny visualization. If you are memorizing a fact for a test, try to plot it in a chart or diagram or picture. You will easily remember the mental plot better than a paragraph of illustration. You can also make use of some symbols for indicating abstract things or concepts in your outline.

3. Speak aloud or chant the material.
       What we do or what we speak makes deep rooted memory. Therefore, this idea of chanting while learning is effective. Especially if you are a verbal or auditory learning you will want to memorize this way. Repeat it out loud from memory only referring to notes when you have to. Repeatedly chant the text until you can do it completely from memory without any fear. In Essay writing it can be helpful to write the Essay verbally forming a memorized verbal text if you wish to remember for a long time. 

4. Reproduce the material in writing to enhance memory.
      Transform your knowledge in writing in connection with drawing symbols and pictures. It won't hurt you to hear the material or to reproduce it out loud, but it may be more helpful to write it and see it. You can also make your own flash cards from hard paper and review them while on public places or waiting in line. Memory is easily developed by adopting above mentioned procedures.

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