How to remember almost every thing?

    The trouble of remembering isn’t due to the absence of information in your brain, whatever you read, listen and observe are always encoded in your nerves without loss.  The problem to remember is to find or retrieve the information.  It is much difficult task to find particular bit of information from a random heap of knowledge in your mind. This can be made clear by stating a simple example. If you are given the task of finding a particular book from a zigzag collection of 1 million books, this may takes more than a month before you can actually find it. But if you are said to find the same book from a library, where strict alphabetical ordering of books location is done, I am sure that you can find it within few minutes. Now, how to remember almost everything instantaneously depends upon how well you understand above concept and apply in your daily life to resemble your mind as a library.

      Research shows that the storage capacity of human brain is unlimited. A hardworking scientist or philosopher cannot utilize more than 10 %  of his memory space, how hard he try, involve, meditate, or survive. It is the disorganization in your mind, not the amount of material that hinders memory.  Long-term memory is relatively permanent, and has a virtually unlimited storage capacity.  

      A disorganized mind is like a filing cabinet into which documents have been thrown at random without any fix location of finding them, with no folders or labels. When you try to find a particular item, the heap of the rest make your efforts astronomically tough.
However, if all the papers and documents are in labeled folders, and the folders are in labeled drawers of room, finding what you want is very easy by simply looking under the appropriate heading.

      The memory system techniques are what you use to create these labels for your mental filing cabinet or hooks to hold information. They can be used to remember people's names, Dictionary words, math formulas, and summary of text, speeches, procedures, definitions, history, and almost any other information. This surely makes you to remember better.
1.      Key word method:  Helps to remember vocabulary and learn foreign languages.
2.      Peg method: This method makes memory of lists of information strong and permanent.
3.      Link method: Inter and Intra linking of key words boosts our memory.
4.      Journey method: Explore from a stating concept, through different points of keywords and finally reaching to the end, the destination.

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