Energy healing by Kundalini.

 The power of Kundalini has enabled me to see inside my body; energy healing gives psychic power so that the healer could see inside others body. This capability, associated with the power to transfer energy via the hands, is the identification of the energy healer. Many energy healing by kundalini power have developed the ability to see inside bodies at a distance.
What does this indicate about the relationship between Kundalini and energy healing? Are energy healers Kundalini awakening? Is Kundalini a fundamental thing for energy healing?

It is true that they are natural healers, in that they were born with, or somehow acquired it along the way. Yes, some people don't really have to do anything to awaken or activate Kundalini. It awakens naturally. "An ever-disturbing reality for lots of people is the suffering of pain in their lives. It can be due to arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular problems, and the list increases and increases. The primary matter the energy worker needs to understand is that all pain is the result of static energy. The body is sending a message that something is not correct and needs to have enough attention at that area.

At this point, it is essential to decide the most effective way to manage the static energy. The day I started seeing inside the human body, I had no any formal training in healing but I knew I could not let my patients go until I at least attempted to eliminate the darkness I saw in his belly, chest, and brain and wherever needed. Not knowing any modality, I began to move my hand back and forth over the dark area. I saw yellowish beams flowing out my fingers towards the stomach. When the defected area was filled with light, I knew the 'healing process' was complete."

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