Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist meditation for mindfulness:
       Buddhist Meditation is the dissolution of our thoughts in Eternal awareness or pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging self into infinity. Establishing the culture of mindfulness is one of the fundamental teachings of Buddhist Meditation. Sensing the movements of the body, the always-changing states of the mind, is to be cultivated in order that their true nature could be realized. 

Here we don’t consider our bodily and mental perception by connecting with our self. Rather we try to see them as they actually are, subjected to law of case and effects that comes from it, a continuous flow of successive phases of consciousness developing and passing away in response to external stimuli. All the incidents happening around us should be realized without staining it with our own philosophy, feelings and emotional consideration; this means there is the need of strict objectivity.

“Buddhist Meditation” for disconnecting from self
      Selfishness and egotism are twin dangers in our path of success. If these elements could not be erased from a person, meditation type practiced by him is regarded unsuccessful.  In Buddhist psychology, man is credited by his actions and a tree is weighed by its fruits. In the truest sense the continuity of karma, which they represent, are the only claim he can make to any persistent identity.

      By giving careful attention to our body and mind breaking down the illusion of self is possible; and not only that, it also split away the attachment to external objects that we sense in our surrounding, as a consequence,  there is neither the "self" that crawl inside us nor any object of crawling. Such aspiration needs time and tireless patience every day, with firm hope to find destination of transformed life.

Buddhist Meditations for increasing concentration 
       Objectivity comes from detachment of bias and gives clear thinking, clear conclusion; it enables a man to handle a given situation without bias, personal or imported, and to act at that moment with plenty of courage and discretion. Concentration is another reward of objectivity, the capability to focus the mind continuously and keep it steadily fixed on a single point and this is the great key of achievement in any performance. Our mind is very stubborn to tame, it is like fluctuating flame at the tip of burning candle but when it is completely under our control, it is the most powerful, much influential instrument in this entire cosmic world. He who has mastered his own mind is, in fact, master of the 3 Worlds- Heaven, Hell and Earth.

    Here, First achievement is, we are without fear. Feeling of intense fear originate, then proceeds to flourish because we associate mind and body with our "self"; so any harms on our mind and body undoubtedly cast its shadow on “self”. But those who understand that all these happenings are merely the manifestation of cause and effect relationship or object and stimuli relationship, swiftly break down this illusion of attachment with self, consequently fear of death or some miss-happenings are permanently removed. 

     He remains undisturbed and exactly alike in success and failure, unaffected by insult or appraise. The only thing he fears is De- meritorious action, and as his detachment with self and cosmic matters increases, he becomes less and less liable to do and to feel De-meritorious deeds. Imperfect actions comes from imperfect mind, so when our mind is purified by meditation, thoughts are controlled and tamed, me and you,  all become the man of action with true sense of remaining alive.
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