How to start meditation?

It is not imaginary claim that daily meditation can have a great impact positively on your mind and body.  Learning how to start meditation for only 30 minutes a day can have significant health improvements. Daily meditation practice reduces the strain of our busy and anxious lifestyle. Below, a complete explanation of how to start meditation is pointed for making your learning easy.

Meditation is for peace via mental relaxation.

 Calmness is the perfect state in which we should receive all life's experiences. To understand, to admit wit fully and to prevent repetition of so called errors, our activities must be under the full control of our mind. Through meditation, one can cultivate a wonderful inner peace that will sweep away stress and nervousness. But to meditate, one must remove his connection with this cosmic world, with his lovely surrounding. Turn off your cell phone, shut down your computer, leave the company of your friends and relatives for sometimes, and find a pleasant and pollution free isolated spot for this special practice, the practice of meditation.

Meditation is the ideal antidote for the regular counterbalance of technology in our lives. In fact, recent scientific study has shown that meditating twice per day for about 30 minutes can really minimize blockages in your blood vessels, significantly decreasing the risk of sudden death by heart stroke.
Useful hints before starting your every day meditation:

Suitable place for meditation: You may wish to do meditation in clean and holy place, your own bedroom is also suitable, a calm, quiet and peaceful place. You might furnish the area with objects or symbols that have certain spiritual meaning for you, developing a holy feeling within you.

How Should I Sit When I Meditate? Although the common pose is to sit with legs folded and hands resting quietly on the lap or the knees, it is necessary to find a style of sitting that is comfortable and stable for you. We can do meditation anywhere, anytime, while walking towards work, while driving our vehicle, while waiting for the girlfriend, while sweeping the floor and so on. There is, in fact, no any restriction in terms of time and place. You can harmonize meditation with your breath, so applying the principle “no breath no life and no meditation no life”.
How Long could I Meditate? Many yogi and ancient Ayurveda literature recommend about half an hour of meditation daily, if someone is more enthusiastic in it, they should do it twice daily. However, research conducted by Mandra yoga trust in our community few months ago, did not find harmony between time of practice and effect experienced by the practitioner. Why this happened? Here the deciding factor is not only length, but also quality and deepness of meditation. Degree of mental illness or stress, strength and flexibility of body organs are also some limiting factors. So, in this context, it is important to decide best duration of meditation, you should also make your meditation more and more advanced day by day to claim the real progress finally.

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