How to remember?

     Reading, learning the core concept and then remembering the same fact at the time of need is very delicate process of our mind.  How to remember without much effort? There are many students who do hard labor throughout the whole year, try to transform their knowledge into wisdom but unfortunately they fail to utilize their brain up to the optimum level.  Such painful outcome stir a serious question in their sense, but unable to conclude rigidly about the disturbing parameters, eventually killing their precious time due to unfruitful practice of them. To remember scientific system is essential here. Looking at this background, two influential habitual tricks are listed below to help you remember much better than before. 

1. Expand your objective of reading:
    Do not read just for pleasure or time pass. Reading anything, either, novel, essay or your own text must have certain solid objectives.  Try to find out how the wish and personality of writer is reflected in his article.  Each writing has certain central idea and the whole text is revolving around this core concept.  In some paragraph there may be illustration/reasoning, while in other paragraphs there may be advantages or limitations or experts view, contrasting ideas, origin of concept/ historical background and many more.  A wise reader must identify all these segments and link all the paragraphs in the text to the central idea. In this way a tree is created in your mind with central concept as the trunk.  Now you could remember very easily and instantaneously.

2. Make a mental dictionary of Key words:
      This is the technique used by great personality like Christ, Vivekananda, Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, etc. These people knew almost everything, they were mastermind, could easily solve any problems of people. Why such astonishing powers originate in them? This is by making mental dictionary of Keywords, interlinking of keywords (association between related keywords), intra-linking of keywords (association of related information with the keyword under consideration), separating unrelated keywords and placing them under different mental categories, making causal connection between unrelated keywords (networking of knowledge) and by maintaining a order of keywords.
        This may seems very hard to apply in our daily life, but once habituated, this difficulty could be crossed. I am sure this really works for every one because many people at present moment and in past history are our evidence. Science always believes in evidence, experience and solid proof, therefore above illustration is undoubtedly applicable in our mental science. What will be your future then? What about your dignity and social popularity? You can imagine yourself.  Creating history is not difficult. Just give little time and continue attachment with the system. Pleasant day will automatically arrive.

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