How to do Sun Salutation?

Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a combination of 12 series of Yoga poses. All these 12 postures are practiced one after another and repeated in a cycle. Sun Salutation is  a best yoga for human health because it helps to burn fat, reduce body weight and protect us from several types of cardiovascular diseases.
   Steps of Sun Salutation: ( Each movement is delicately coordinated with your breath

  1. Start by standing in the mountain pose, keep your feet apart and join your hands exactly in the prayer position. Take deep breathe to completely fill your lungs.(Mountain) 
  2. On your inhale, in a sweeping style raise your arms upwards and slightly arched backward until you feel comfortable.(Hands up)
  3. As you inhale, bend forward and bring your hands to touch beside your feet. (Hands to knee) 
  4. Inhale air and step backward your right leg slowly.(Lunge) 
  5. Exhale and step back your left leg to form a plank like position and deeply inhale in this position. (Plank)
  6. Exhale and lower down your body so that it seems you are doing push down. Keep your hands and feet only touching to the ground. (Stick)
  7. Inhale and by bending your waist only step forward and up. Lift up your legs so that only your foot tips and hands touch the ground. (upward dog)
  8. Exhale and lift up your hips and push back and up. (downward dog)
  9. Inhale and move your right foot forward. (lunge) 
  10. Same as step 3. (head to knees)
  11. Same as step 2. (hands up)
  12. Same as step 1. (Mountain)

Mantra Yoga

   Mantra Yoga means chanting of Mantras( Holy words or group of words) repeatedly and with increasing concentration. According to our Hindu Philosophy Mantra are the packets of energy as same as the Photons which is the packet of radiant energy. A Person who do Mantra Yoga on a regular basis is free from sins and with full vigor. In Mantra Yoga Holy words are chanted again and again until the thought and emotions are fully controlled and superconciousness  is clearly experienced. Wandering mind is brought into full control by the energy of Mantras.
    Mantra Yoga is a spiritual science. Therefore many people are suspicious about it. They do not believe in its power. Whatever our modern society says is not hundred percent true.So, it would be better to follow the way of learning by experience. If your experience of Mantra Yoga support the claims of eastern Philosophy, then you will obviously believe. Every Mantra has a Monk who gave it, each Mantra has a inflection of the voice of a Supernatural Being, this gives special power to Mantra. For example: Om represents the net power of our Universe.
   Mantra yoga represents Divinity. By repeated chanting of Mantra solution of serious problems, defects and anomalies within you can be cured. Mantra yoga of Saraswati 'OM Saraswati Namah' will develop wisdom and super intelligence. Maha Mritunjaya Mantra will prevent chances of accidents, cure long term diseases and lengthen your life. OM Hanumanaya Namah bestow victory and strength within you.


Ramdev Baba Yoga

   In present time Yoga has been established as a worldwide natural therapy to cure almost all disease and variety of mental and physical weakness. For this purpose, name of Ramdev Baba is very popular. He is an Indian Guru of Yoga philosophy.

   Ramdev Baba is a yogic guru from Haridwar, India  who has been responsible for re-introducing all forms of Yogic practices and enlightenment techniques in the common people. His great contribution  of making yoga practice as simple as possible has been the root cause of getting the common man into practicing yoga.
   Swami Ramdev launched several Yoga campaigns during different chronological era. Swami Ramdev yoga for weight  loss is based on hatha yoga like Tadasan, Sirshasan, Parwatasan, Sawasan, Halasan, Sarbagasan, etc. These yoga poses are effective in losing fats without any side effects. Anulom Vilom and Kapalbhati pranayamas of Ramdev Baba yoga have revolutionized the way by which people think about yoga. Cleansing of  vital organs, mental tranquility and increase in concentration are the benefits of these pranayams. Swami Ramdev had done many useful research in low and high blood pressure, Diabetes, acidity and hyper-acidity, Arthritis, Obesity, etc and developed their effective solution via Yoga practice.

Learning Yoga at home

      Learning yoga at home instead of going long way to the yoga center is very great idea. If you are beginner of yoga than until you acquire enough proficiency you have to go to yoga training center. Even in those days sufficient homework is essential for better learning because yoga is learning by experience and practice like learning of spectroscopy. Yoga performance everyday as your lifestyle is needed for the long term benefit. Minimum of 6 months practice of relevant yoga items gives you first hand improvement and achievement as you desire. Every month and every year each morning visiting your yoga teacher is not practicable. So, in this context you must make habit of doing yoga by solving your intermittent difficulties through Internet and yoga channels. 
      I highly recommend you to practice yoga in your home in a regular basis. Your roommate and your whole family will be benefited by this. Mutual co-operation and feeling of affection within your family will be increased. Your Guests will also be benefited and highly impressed from your improved lifestyle. Make a routine, select some fundamental yoga and few others which are specific for yourself. For example: to solve the problem of early ejaculation you can practice pranayamas. Keeping your backbone straight sit comfortably on the mat by folding your legs. Then after focus on throwing out air from lungs( vigorous exhalation). Exhalation rate must be about 60 times per minute. Concentrate in exhalation not in inhalation.
   In the early morning do everyday repeated saying of Om, sun salutations, some hatha poses, few pranayamas and 15 minutes meditation about your life, god and existence. Success will be in your feet and everything will be in your control, you will have healthy, self-controlled and perfect life.

Yoga for energy

    Energy either mental or physical are required for the Optimum functioning of human systems. In Yogic language, energy is called 'Prana' of body due to which our body is associated to our soul. There are some typical yoga for energy which we may practice. Energy may be either positive or negative originating from our environment and flowing into our body. Although our energy systems try to accumulate positive energy , our disturbed and disordered Urban lifestyle permits several negative energies to percolate into us. Ultimately our mental, physical, emotional and Psychological balance is deteriorated and damaged severely. Patanjali said that in such circumstances our energy Chakras are blocked and severely folded preventing the uniform flow of energy from our foot up to our head region. Our immune system is highly triggered and Energy circuits are disconnected at several parts of our body. As a result our Organs can not do their works efficiently, Blood circulation and impulse transmission rates are highly triggered. Brain cannot think properly, fitness disappears instantly and overall body system is out of control. Therefore the need of Energy Yoga has been arisen, Yoga for energy are simple to perform, effective in action and permanent in improvement of your body. For example: Watching movie for 1 hour is equivalent to smoking a Cigarette. On the other hand, doing Yoga or Pranayams for only half an hour is equivalent to lengthening your life by 5 days. 
      Practicing yoga is a good way to energize your body all over the day. Yoga helps to  release tension and clear blockages, allowing energy to flow freely, creating an overall sense of vitality and well-being. Yoga poses don't create energy(creation of energy is against the law of conservation of energy), they release positive energy, block the entry of negative energy and they also prevent us from expending energy in activities that don't do anything for us, that means they economize our energy. Often we have so much tension stored in our bodies. They disable our stamina. Yoga for energy helps you to get rid of stress by developing creativeness.  


Yoga for beginners

Yoga for beginners needs systematic immersion into practice giving enough considerations to its prerequisites, precautions and philosophy. All these requirements should be properly appreciated by Yoga beginners and a proper balance between them is of utmost importance.
1. Understanding Yoga Philosophy
    First of all beginners should understand the core principle and real aim of yoga. Yoga in fact is not only muscular strengthening and mental sharpening techniques. These are accessory goals. Beginners should understand that yoga is a connecting link, a bridge to connect materialistic world and spiritual world, a search of soul and its source( that power which create it) and a way to purify man from deep inner side for the creation of perfect man acquainted with divine features. This fundamental goal can be achieved by yoga beginner by deep concentration, meditation and by following Patanjali opinions.

2. Preparing body, mind and soul
   Like preparation of exam, there is also the preparation of yoga for beginners. This means making flexible your body, untie folded regions, increase the vital capacity of your lungs, mobilize  your joints. Also, this includes controlling distraction of mind, keeping oneself away from evil thinking and activities and make mind cultivable and satisfied. You also have to explore the existence of soul and supernatural soul- the god by asking yourself about your origin, what happens after your death and how this worldly achievements help me in this respect.
 Yoga focus on work and believe in discipline. It is strongly against worldly attachments, i.e., attachments with money, attachment with sex and attachment with others. Attachment is wrong, it brings pain. Better is to abandon attachment and do work, live or accumulate without it.

3. Knowing precautions
    -Do you regularly,missing a day is like breaking a chain, the result is thus obvious.
    - Go from simple to advanced practice, do not be hurry because you are going to develop a habit, a          philosophy of life.
   -Below 12 year of age, yoga is not strongly recommended.
  - Morning time is the best that I will suggest, get up early and sit down for yoga.
  - Do yoga with empty bowl ,empty intestine and empty urinary bladder.
  - In case of recent medical surgery and certain long term diseases, forget yoga.
  - For women, at the time of mensuration and pregnancy simple and plain type of yoga are only recommended.

kundilini yoga

Many yoga techniques are in use today, among them kundalini yoga is one of the most significant one. Kundalini yoga is for our mental, physical and spiritual well being by developing power, sense, discipline, consciousness and awareness. Although it is very old one, it is now practiced recently by western peoples. Certain yoga items and pranayams are focused in kundalini yoga to activate your 8 chakras. Chanting om, sitting in a special position and adopting specific breathing style is the overall practice of kundalini yoga. There are some experience of awakening in kundalini yoga. During meditation you observe divine visions, experience divine smell, divine taste, divine touch, hear divine strengthening sounds. You probably receive directions from God. All this signals indicate that the Kundalini energy has been awakened. When there is throbbing and vibrating in Muladhara, when hairs stand on their roots, when Uddiyana, Jalandhara and Mulabandha come involuntarily(without consciousness), know that Kundalini has awakened. These are some diagnostic experiences of kundilini yoga.  Persons spending their times in enjoyment of sensual and sexual pleasures, for them this Kundalini power is sleeping(in dormant stage) because of the absence of any stimulus in the form of spiritual practices, as the power created by spiritual practices alone awakens that kundilini-power, and not by any other power obtained through the possession of worldly riches and influence. When the yogi continuously practices all the disciplines as explained in religious books, and as instructed by the religious teacher, in whom the Kundalini has already been awakened and reached its limit, acquiring which blessed achievement alone a person becomes entitled to act as a Guru or spiritual expert, guiding and helping others also to achieve the same goal, the layers enmeshing Kundalini begin to be cleared and finally are fully activated and the serpent-power is pushed or driven, as it were upwards.By this mechanism kundalini get developed and by continuous practice power from it moves upward, finally up to the head( upper end of our body).

om in yoga- mantra om

Mantra om is one of the important aspect of yoga and one of the fundamental teaching of patanjali. Om mantra helps to remove difficulties that gather at the time of enlightenment. There is vital role of om mantra to bring equilibrium among past, present and future of any individual. Om in yoga is therefore like magic and much of its mystery in common language has not been revealed. You can find use of om in Bhagawad Gita  and other ancient Hindu philosophy. Om in yoga is such a verbal sound that has inherent sound power and brings some sorts of psychological, physical and physiological effects. The power of Om in yoga can transform a person into yogi after repeated correct pronunciation. Om is considered the all-connecting sound of the universe — one word interpreted as having three sounds representing creation, preservation, and destruction. Om is the "Word" of the Bible, as the word of Holy Spirit. In the Christian Bible, Sat-Tat-om is spoken of as the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. According to Yogananda, all aspiring yogis seek to commune with om and understand it. "Audible utterance of om produces a sense of sacredness, however, real understanding of om is obtained only by hearing it internally and then becoming one with it in all creation."  Om is the deepening of concentration and making you divine along with some healing power.

dhyana yoga

Dhyana yoga is seventh limb of Yoga philosophy. It is for the intention of knowing the truth and revealing the hidden facts. Dhyana Yoga concentrates upon a point of focus, according to Patanjali it is the contemplation and Meditation of spiritual things. Not only for this but also for concentrating in our day to day activities performance of Dhyana yoga is essential.
As Swami Gitananda explains in “The Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali”:
“Meditation is a most misunderstood word. It has come to mean for many, simply sitting with the eyes closed, or the repetition of a mantric sound over and over.
According to Patanjali, meditation is the seventh step of the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. Therefore it cannot be something as simple as ‘sitting with the eyes closed’. It must be something much more profound, much more elevated one— and indeed it is!
Yet in modern times… one often encounters such comments as ‘meditation is good therapy’, and ‘my meditation has become boring’. … If meditation was such a mundane activity with such a mundane purpose as a cure for dejected and bored minds, why has the sage [Patanjali] put it as the penultimate step of a long and arduous climb?”
  Therefore dhyana Yoga is a continuous overflow of concentration, whereby very little ‘sense of self’ remains. At this level, it becomes increasingly more difficult to use words and the reasoning, conscious mind to describe the experiences of yoga. After all, the state of meditation, by its very nature transcends our material human experience and everything that is related to it. Dhyana yoga is therefore a person being one pointedness.
  In dhyana yoga we revolve only around the chosen matter mentally and at the same time deepening our process of concentration. Aim of dhyana yoga is to remove all senses from different matter of interest and focus on one object. It finally produces a state of tranquility and well cleansed subconscious, enhanced concentration and mind control.


Best Yoga poses for men and women

We love yoga not only to attract our girlfriend or boyfriend. It is  for our all dimensional development. Best yoga poses for both men and women are essential to grab the optimum benefits. Therefore enough attention is required to learn suitable yoga poses. The best yoga poses for both men and women are as follow:
(A) Downward facing dog
1. Start on all fours with your feet and knees hip-width apart. Position hands about shoulder-width apart and spread your fingers wide.
2. Pressing firmly through your hands, lift knees off the groundfloor and straighten your legs. (If you have tight hamstrings, a gentle bend in the knees is good).  
3. Walk your hands forward a few inches and walk your feet back a few inches to lengthen the pose. Squeeze thighs as you press them toward the back wall. Press your heels back and down toward the ground (although they might not reach the mat).  
4. Relax the head and neck and let your shoulder blades slide down your back toward your feet. Breathe deeply. Hold for at least one minute inside the lungs.
Benefits: stretch the body and increase blood circulation.
(B)Forward fold
Stand with feet hip-width apart, gently hinge forward at the hips and lower the torso toward the floor. Bend your knees generously as much as possible to take any pressure out of the low back and hamstrings. Grasp opposite elbows with opposite hands. Breathe deeply and let gravity take the body toward the earth systematically. Relax your head, neck, shoulders and torso. Slowly sway your torso or gently shake your head. Hold for one minute and roll back up to standing. Repeat again as you can.
Benefits: increased blood circulation in brain, improve memory, develops steady breathing and lung capacity.

Bikram yoga and hot yoga

Yoga is a broad branch including mental health as well as physical strength for people of all age. Among them Bikram yoga and hot yoga are much popular whole over the world. bikram yoga is sometime called hot yoga, is a series of over 25 hatha yoga. These hatha yoga are performed in warm and humid environment and prevents our muscular pain and increase the circulation of blood in the appropriate regions. In hot yoga or bikram yoga at first room temperature is increased by artificial heating units and hatha yoga is done within this condition with profuse sweating and muscular flexibility. Hot yoga cautions are pregnant women should not do this and participant should drink enough water before and immediately after doing this yoga in order to prevent dehydration.
Hot yoga warms your muscles to avoid injury, allowing for a deeper stretch and to cleanse the body by flushing the toxins out through sweating. The postures are arranged in a logical sequence to allow the body to adjust from one posture to the next. It works to strengthen muscles, ligaments and joints. It works the organs, tissues, glands and nervous system. It benefits the entire body right up to the cellular level. It has made people sweat, cry laugh and groan. So this bring about dynamic change in human emotions and give them the strength to control emotion.  Benefits of bikram yoga are: sharper memory, increase in life span, muscular improvement, prevention of serious disease and physical weakness. In conclusion, Bikram or hatha yoga saves many lives and make a perfect man.

What is meditation?

What is meditation? Understanding meditation from ground level needs patience. Meditation is now established as an alternative therapy to cure diseases. Many things in our life are beyond control and human life regularly pinched by personal sorrow, anxieties, general confusion and misunderstanding. Buddhist meditation is the sinking deep into our sea of consciousness, releasing the submerged stresses and coming to the point of inner tranquilizes  where there is no object of consciousness - but consciousness itself. Done regularly, this inward dance leaves us fresh, more alert, relaxed, creative, healthy, and more in tune with ourselves and our environment.The quest What is meditation is not complete without knowing its basic elements. Buddhist meditation is the most effective means of stress reduction, many researcher prove this. Meditation is a means of transforming the brain. Buddhist meditation practices are best tools that magnify and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a static seeing of the true nature of objects . When you meditate you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being and enhanced self control. With regular attempt and patience these soothing, focused states of mind can deepen into dramatically peaceful and energized states of mind. Such experiences can show  a trans-formative effect in dynamic level and can lead to a new understanding of life, new philosophy of life. Do you get the answer of your search: "what is meditation?". Learn how to meditate also and meditate everyday as your firmly established habit. 

What is yoga?

The term Yoga comes from Hindu philosophy. Nowadays the quest What is yoga and for what it is much more common. More than 16 millions of Americans are of fond of Yoga and its related practice. Yoga comes from Sanskrit language. Its literal meaning is to unite or to bridge. The aim of yoga is to achieve immortality that means to be free from the cycle of life and death. This freedom can be attained by the unification of or yoga of the individual soul to the universal soul. So it is applied to the body and mind to achieve its aim. So, yoga is the applied science of mind, body and soul. It targets to remove attachment with the physical pleasure as well as with the pain of physical world in a noble manner. Just a single statement is not enough to cool down your search of "what is yoga?".  Yoga therapy develops power to gain control over our fluctuating senses, maximize the use of our body and mind ( two powerful tools) to achieve our goal. Free yoga training is available in many places.Yoga Therapy in fact harmonize our thought, emotions and actions to give maximum yield. Yoga itself does not create health, rather it make an environment for dynamic balance. Therefore do not yoga as a physical therapy, extend its use as your lifestyle in every steps and every corners of your life. Basically yoga definition includes stretching body, breathing practices and progressive deep relaxation. Yoga is not restricted to any particular religion and yoga therapy brings proper balance between physical and spiritual well being. This is neither an exaggeration nor a paradox.It is real science- an applied science. Therefore, make you great and change your everything by learning and adopting free yoga.

Yoga and healthy life- benefits

Yoga is for your healthy life, mental prosperity and perfection of your existence. Yoga and healthy life are now synonyms. Yoga and memory power are in fact cause and effect. How surprising and amazing technique yoga is. Getting up early in the morning and doing some yoga prepares you for the whole day. You can utilize your time, money and labor in optimum amount to uplift your life. Yoga is such a tool which design you to survive in this competitive world, learn spirituality and make you wise than ever before. Thoughts have a powerful impact on our ability to achieve goals in life. They can support us or hold us helps to maintain our thoughts. Yoga is not any hypothetical heap of knowledge. It is a science and has scientific characteristics and standard.Yoga focuses on harmony and body. The aim of yoga is to maintain the balance between mind and body to attain self-enlightenment. Prevention is better than cure- (a famous quotation) is one of the main aim yoga. Yoga not only helps to prevent disease but also helps to cure disease and develop mental, physical and social vigor(Healing benefits of yoga). yoga uses breath, movement, relaxation, meditation and posture in order to establish a healthy, balanced and lively approach to life(Benefits of yoga). yoga provides some of the best stress management and health benefits you can find in a single technique. A good way to start your morning is by doing a series of yoga poses called sun salutations. The main driving force of yoga is aimed at monumental, life changing discovery of who and what you actually are. Yoga gives you the strength to unravel the truth with which you will begin to live with security, super power, confidence and inner psychological peace. Yoga changes your life. Yoga makes you what you are never before, a complete transformation, in the royal road of perfect human. Therefore never delay for Yoga and healthy life.

How to improve memory and concentration by yoga?

Regular practice of Yoga and some light exercise dramatically improve memory and concentration for long term.  There are basically two different ways in which yoga can improve your memory and concentration. One is through as-ans or postures, and the second way is through breathing exercises(Pranayams). In order to stimulate brain function and improve oxygen rich blood supply to the brain, daily exercise is very essential. sufficient blood circulation to the brain means, it will function better. This in turn decreases the likelihood of falling victim to diseases that cause memory loss. Yoga can prevent memory losses by calming you and enhancing your concentration. It can also improve your powers of recall by increasing circulation to your brain. If you eat regular, nutritious meals, this blood flow and nourishes your brain. While you practice these poses, focus on your physical sensations and breathing. When your mind wanders, gently remind yourself to notice what's happening in your body.
One can significantly increase his ability to remember information as well as maximize concentration by following certain yoga techniques. For instance, pranayam, also referred as breathing exercises can improve memory and concentration. Daily meditation for 20- 30 minutes is one of easiest way to control a flickering mind. Meditation and yoga techniques such as 'Physical' yoga assist in focusing in mind and increase problem solving ability.Therefore it is strongly recommended to practice YOGA as your lifestyle,  as your culture.
This will ultimately improve memory and concentration and place you high in your life as a successful person.

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