The third eye meditation

The third eye meditation is a simple technique to increase concentration, improve understanding and assist for mental clarity. This is sixth chakra located on your forehead between two eyebrows just above your nose. Third eye refers to command and gives you ability to control, manipulate things, words and actions. Opening or activation of third eye is extremely beneficial because this will result in self-control, confidence buildup, full utilization of our wisdom, mental relaxation and development of unique control over events.
 Then, how to open your third eye? The entire yogic procedure is worthwhile to illustrate here. Sit on your chair or sit on mat in cross legged position, this is good posture for most yoga practice. Keep your spine straight and erected, stretch your neck. Gently place your hands upon your knees with palms facing upwards. Touch your index finger with thumb in both hands. Let all your body organs relaxed. Calmly, close your mouth and turn your tongue upward so that it touches palate/ roof of mouth. Allow your eyes to close. Breathe deeply and rhythmically and look at the third eye. Avoid all types of mental chattering that draw away your concentration. Focus only to your third eye, it is between your eyebrows. Intentional concentrating at that point will make your mind feel white or indigo light radiating out from that spot.
  Practice this meditation for about 15 minutes. At last. gently bow your head and conclude this meditation saying," may I see only the absolute truth, may I achieve all control and discipline to guide my life, my life is filling with everything I need, I have to never worry about what I had not."

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