The law of karma in yoga

The law of Karma in yoga is the central idea in the philosophy of yoga. In Bhagavad Gita, Shree Krishna had told his disciple Arjuna about some most important karma sutra required in a yogic life. According to Lord Krishna, yoga is the universal concept of reaping what you sow with your words and actions. Person gets credit of his own work, he must take responsibility of what he do. What are the karma quotes connected to a yogi, a spiritual performer? This question is often generated in people's mind. Let's reply this quest in simple intonation. Karma means thoughts, behaviors, actions as well as intentions created in the present time, which is under your control, whatever you create today either good or bad all are under Karma Yoga. Yoga is therefore a word with a broad meaning in this sense. Your deeds furnished with your willpower and concentration come under karma of today. And the law of karma is that what you create today is seed for future life experiences. In this mean, fatalism is avoided, only karma is considered supreme in human life.
  The law of karma is always connected to the continuously changing physical world. This solely depends upon deeds rather than fate. We have full control upon our words what we spell, thoughts what we ruminate, and actions which we decide to do. A perfect Yogi who has brought his mind and emotions under the control of his wit can indeed do control of what is happening with him. So, our response and reactions with our environment can be managed in order to avoid future evil sufferings, this is true that we can reduce karma at present and accordingly minimize those sufferings in future. Life and death are within a cycle and this cosmic cycle is continuously spinning. This spinning wheel has 6 spokes: virtue, vice, aversion, attachment, pleasure and pain. These spokes are means of karma which bind us with the wheel of life and keep it spinning. At this point it is worthwhile to indicate that mental attachments connecting those spokes with wheel should be liberated for renunciation of our life. Then, the life would be without credits of karma. In this way, a yogi lives with deeds but without credits of deeds.
  Bad karma gives us bad feeling, good karma gives us good feeling but the law of karma says that any kind of karma is undesirable. Through the constant practice of yoga, any further accumulation of karma should be reduced. This means do not produce karma with ego, selfishness and any desire of reward. Liberation from karma and this worldly pain and pleasure is a highly esteemed state called Nirvana. All above mentioned law of karma are not necessary in an individual life. Only you need to do is reducing your desire of karma and purifying you with yogic lifestyle.
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