Get up early in the morning to do Yoga for best results.

Our saints and sages often reiterate, Start your life early, do not do late. Getting up early in the morning around 3:00 is considered best for spiritual development according to Hindu God Brahma. Have you ever contemplated about the benefits of waking up early in the morning? Large numbers of scientific and philosophical researches carried out by many experts in United state of America have clearly proved this fact. Early in the morning, after doing daily sanitation of yourself and defecation, practice of Yoga postures and meditations helps us to achieve optimum benefits and strong belief in these age long philosophical practice. In my own life, during the first week of my beginning it was very difficult to stick rigidly with my time table but gradually I adapt on my planning without any reluctance feeling in my interior. This achievement is because of the fact that if we attach and indulge our-self in some irritating task continuously keeping enough patience, at last our endocrines get habituated to secret related hormones and bio-molecules, body gets adjusted in its flexibility, our brain becomes addicted with that particular task and our heart finally become harmonize with the spirit of that duty. That practice which looked violent ghost initially, transforms into a intimate fellow or  caretaker or a nice beloved at last.
  You do many useless things within your sense or out of your senses frequently. In Einstein view, over 50% of active time period of a normal man is always wasted. This reality is really painful. It would be better to learn and apply enthusiastically  a new useful teaching instead of this aforementioned loss. It is like generating high voltage electricity utilizing water that is following away your territory. This philosophical ideas may seem childish but it surely convey a great meaning to you, to everyone who want to change their scenario permanently. Early in the morning, atmosphere is clean( dust particles has been precipitated on the ground), there is appropriate humidity in air and air contains different types of plant aroma( good for our health according to Ayurveda). Also, our mind has re-energized after the sleep and our body has been calmed from any pain, any irritation or allergies. Morning time is best time to establish divine relationship by connecting your mind with your soul and your soul with the supernatural soul-the god.
MagDalyns Online  I am now 25. I have got a peaceful, prosperous and productive life because of these principles- leaving bed early in the morning, opening windows and doing Yoga under divine care. I love my life, you also love. Then, why not to habituate in this culture?
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