Meditation about aims in life

Human life is a long run and with this feeling, there arises some typical aims, aspirations or goal that an individuals desire to achieve. Many experiences and sufferings, either good or worse hit our existence time and again. Then, we get either relaxed or agitated or sometimes weaken in our life. This is a simple plotting about how your life goes ahead. Now, it is better to meditate about aims of our life. We all know that life is not a smooth happening, undulation or fluctuating incidents are inevitable. Besides these, there is also charm of life which allure to survive and vibrate our existence much more. Smiling lips and mesmerizing events are the beauty of life, we often encounter.
  What will happen when your bike goes away from your path?  Does a flying kite achieve its ambition of touching the sky when it suddenly lose its connection with the thread? The same fate we will suffer, if we lost our track, loosing track means deviating from our disciplined life style. A ship without compass can not find it shore, moves here and there, revolve in the same location for all the time over the vast ocean, and has no any alternative to do except waiting for the fatal storm. Likewise, a man without his aim has nothing specialization to do continuously, so that expertness could not  be acquired. He wanders in life because he is aimless, he never do meditation about aims in life, never try to understand the meaning of ambition. His future depends upon the circumstances which he encounter. Control is lost and dependency with the luck dominate over the labor and wit. Consequences are unambiguous. Life will plunge deep in the darkness and this seems to be irreversible.
  Then, what to do? How to avoid such pitfalls and how to secure our life? I meditate this cautiously and arrive to a conclusion. At first, we have to make our mind open for the feeling of goodness and badness. When our mind resume its ability to determine right and wrong and we strictly attach with its decision every time, we get habituated. Then, find out those abilities and peculiarities within you that could sparkle your destiny. Giving enough consideration to your capabilities, then select your aims in life, note down in your heart, and make a road map, plans and strategies for its achievement. Do not mix unfairness culture, rude shortcut trends and dishonesty in the name of getting success. Such polluted techniques, although satisfy you temporarily, will create an enormous bad mark in your whole career. Once you convert your activities into habits, they never go away. Habits die hard. They become a part of your personality. They transforms into the key of your success. So, a person should have a noble aim in life. We should work hard honestly, sincerely and diligently to achieve it. Pleasant life is waiting us ahead.....
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