super memory for exam

Every students have to take exam in school or university, so a student have to rely much in  making memory more than understanding the concepts and laying foundations. For getting good score in exam students should have sharp super memory and making super memory is now a challenge. IT is necessary to give due consideration to our memory systems and nature of brain to have a super memory. It is easy to do math problem accurately but it is difficult to remember which is the 2nd tallest peak of the world. So, super memory is the primary skill to succeed. Brain is a dealer of numerous microchips for memory, in this regard super memory is already there-what is needed is to train oneself so that the information can be retrieved when required with little effort. If you want to hang clothes on wall you need pegs on the wall. In the same manner a super memory requires a lot of pegs with logical linking in certain order. These mental pegs are in fact memory keywords connected with one another like rings of a chain. When you study or attempt to learn all information get around the related mental pegs. After this best arrangement of knowledge occurs in your brain and instantly memorize anything without effort. By keeping similar information in one place and classifying in predictable order upgrades your memory. As we know it is impossible to search a book from a random heap of books but we can instantly find a book of our interest from a orderly arranged library. Therefore super memory comes from our wit of arranging knowledge systematically and in order.

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