Breathe Yoga- Pranayama

Breathe Yoga- Pranayama is an art of reprogramming our natural breathing techniques helping in the reversal of many harmful situations, either nervous or cardiovascular or any other mental, emotional and physical problem. Our Lungs have enormous capacity( more than 1000ml of air) and retention time, then why not utilize them in full extent to boost up our progress. Breathing is a vital activity that keeps our body alive. Pranayama or breathe exercise is one of the eight Yoga principle. Pranayama promotes healthy breathing. Optimum healthy breathing brings enough oxygen in our blood and brain so that our prana or vital energy is increased. We can achieve the Goal of Breathe Yoga by training our body to breathe in a particular fashion and ultimately indulging our involuntary systems to adopt the new style of breathing. Pranayama Yoga is also done together with yoga asanas and this combination has highest effect in purification of soul, self-discipline and improvement of mind and body.
  Importance of yoga breathing:
1. Instantly reduce mental anxiety and bring mental calmness as well as integrates the mental/physical balance.
2. Reduce acute muscular tensions in our vital organs like Lungs, Heart and digestive organs. Therefore they    function properly than before.
3. By proper distribution of energy in our endocrine system increase our immune system to the optimum level.
4. Pranayama increase our lung's capacity and help to cure respiratory illness such as Asthma and emphysema.
      Pranayama breathing techniques for beginners are simple and basic in nature, requires not much precautions. But Pranayama advanced breathing techniques are difficult to learn and should not be practiced rapidly. Slow and gradual practice can do better.
     Pranayama are affecting our eight Chakras in a positive manner. Chakras are energy centers of our body, also called whirling wheel of light. Each Chakras emits specific color and energy.

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