Hatha Yoga

      Hatha means very tenacious practice which is done until the objective or the end is achieved. Forcefully habituating the body to achieve a certain posture for typical benefit is called Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga is a term derived from eastern philosophy and has its extension up to the western world. Hatha Yoga connects the body with the prana. It creates harmony between the body and soul through Asanas and Pranayama.
Benefits of Hatha Yoga:
1. Hatha yoga helps in the awakening of Kundalini Energy which is in dormant stage in the Muladhara Chakra.
2. It is most marvelous means of  stretching, exercising and purifying the body due to which our life becomes long and healthy.
3. Hatha Yoga  also helps us to concentrate our mind and increase our mental activity, memorizing capacity, impulse transmission rate as well as instant recalling ability.
4. "Ha" means Sun and "tha" means moon. Hatha yoga brings two opposite things( soul and body) together in one place. Therefore hatha yoga is a vital instrument for strengthening the union between the body and soul.
5. Hatha yoga is not the ultimate goal of doing yoga. It is the preparative stage of yoga. It is Meditation which helps a Yogi to achieve Samadhi or enlightenment.
Some General Guidelines:
1. Early in the morning practice yoga postures and pranayams  with an empty stomach.
2. Be regular in your yoga practice because practice is the key for success.
3. Do Asanas first and then pranayams.
4. Do Hatha yoga at least half an hour daily. This will give you vigor, vitality and good health.
5. Eat only after half an hour of finishing yoga.

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