Defination of the Enlightenment

   Enlightenment is an inversion center through which you completely transforms your life and lose your identity as a common man. The literal meaning of Enlightenment is 'understanding and obtaining all wisdom". At this stage your soul will be totally liberated from the effects of this world, although it is intimately connected with your body and lives in this earthly environment. Feeling of coldness, warmness, hunger, thirst , season, brightness, darkness and various streams of desires never arrive in the mind. They are permanently deleted and avoided. Absence of desire and freedom of your soul are the main characteristics. It is very difficult to condense the discussion about the definition of the Enlightenment. However, a literal emotional elaboration to illustrate the matter can be done.
Enlightenment is the achievement of greatest crux of life- freedom of soul from this cosmic world. Enlightened mind is the door of emancipation, key of success, permanent solution of  desire, cornerstone of inner peace, pond of never breaking immortality, clear path of spiritual life, storehouse of peace, prosperity and relaxation, skill to explore all hidden knowledge, supreme stage of being free from the cycle of birth and death for infinite, divine lighthouse of knowledge, science and Philosophy. Therefore, Enlightened stage means sinking in the
work, for which we are thrown in this Earth. Understanding the aim of life and behave accordingly are the salient features. Sinking in the work means dissolving in the deed, performance of deed withing feeling and emotions, and disappear by dissolving - Forgetting this worldly connection(attachments), also its continuous attack. The enlightening person posses all these symptoms.
    This meaning of Enlightenment indicates the end of all forms of struggle that we feel. Only man can achieve this. Because no creatures are superior than man. After achievement of Enlightenment, he or she is free to enter the kingdom of God. This stage had not only gained by Gautam Buddha, Jesus, Mahavira and Mohammad, but also by numerous Eastern and Western Yogis. You can also do. If you doubt, then I am not sure. If not, then whose father what goes. If you, then a new history will be created.
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