I know why suicide is bad.

Thought of killing yourself may arise many times in the life of several people. Those people who are Jobless, living in extreme pain, poverty and emptiness frequently commits suicide. A man living under stress for a long time is finally victimized by the thought of suicide. Repeated failure in love, attempt and ambition mostly drives a man in the road of suicide. Is committing suicide is bad? Yes, it is. I also had thought of suicide few years ago. This happened because the girl whom I loved more than myself, betrayed me and went in a relationship with another guy. At that time, my mind couldn't think what was I deciding to do? For some instants, I forgot the physical, social, moral, psychological and emotional impacts of consequences after committing suicide. Later, when I used my interpretative mind to probe the problem, I realised, this is not the end of my life. There are several probabilities of  illuminating my life again- with new visions- to acquire the beauty of life, prosperity and love. Therefore, I know why suicide is bad.
  •  Suicide is an irreversible process. If you do, you will not get another chance to awake. Your life gets the end. All the possibilities and probabilities of correcting errors will die along with suicide. It is like deleting of data from recycle Bin of your Computer, with no chance of retrieving it again. Suicide is one-directional, there is no returning path. All is over.
  • After committing suicide, your all history left in this world will be darken, people will laugh giving you the tag of coward man, a person who fear to struggle, he is not hero, he is zero, indeed zero- like this.
  • After your death, How your parents, beloved will feel? Their life will be doomed and their eyes will be like monsoon rain, living all the life long with your pain-giving memory.
  • From spiritual point of view also, committing suicide means doing murder, a big crime. For this you will be punished bitterly in the Hell, you will lose the pleasure of Heaven and again thrown to this world in much more painful situation. 
  • That,s why, Suicide is bad, never think to do it, never.
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