What is Prenatal Yoga?

What is Prenatal Yoga and what are its benefits are now rising search. Lets discuss little about these. Pregnancy comes in almost every woman's life. It is the stage of giving birth to a new body- a great day in which a soul return in this comic world through the cycle of birth. In many society, it is a day in which women fulfill her matrimonial duty and gain the social respect as the mother of newly born child. A great pleasure, an achievement which will be remembered whole over the life as a holy day. But developing fetus inside the womb, carrying it for about 9 months and at last delivering it outside the body as a baby, is really a challenging task. Proper care of pregnant women is therefore needed. At this point, practice of some simple Yoga  positively accounts to the changing needs of women body, regulate the proper care of fetus, and also strongly prepares for the upcoming event- birth of the baby. These yoga are called Prenatal Yoga.
  • Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:  Yoga during pregnancy causes proper release of Pregnancy hormones. This hormones makes muscles and joints of pelvic region strong and flexible & prevent injury during the time of delivery. Yoga also develops good feeding habits, correct postures and sufficient breathing habits- all of these are highly beneficial for the proper growth of fetus. Not only this, yoga also reduces fear of pregnancy. This is very important because over anxiety causes more secretion of Adrenalin but less production of Oxytocin( birth hormone), a hormone which accelerate birth process. Life of both mother and child will be in danger in such situation. Therefore Prenatal yoga is suggested for pregnant women so that they are psychologically well prepared to bear the pain of child birth.

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