Dangers of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are ancient gifts to modern society. These can decorate their lives, add peace, prosperity and a sense of well being(fitness). Today, huge fraction of population are attracted towards the astonishing benefits of Yoga. Yoga can lengthen our lives, makes us strong and well prepared from all respect and reduce several defects & probability of being defected. There is another face of Yoga also. What are the dangers of yoga and meditation? These dangers are not due their inherent properties but due to their misuse and improper practice. Some Dangers of Yoga and Meditation, which are essential to be considered are listed point wise below:
  •   Hatha Yoga are for flexibility of our overall body. If a beginner in Yoga  do not follow the rule of 'simple to the complex' practice- Do lots of difficult postures at the very beginning, delicate architecture of his muscles and joints are disrupted. He will suffer from muscular pain, chances of blood arteries rupturing and nerve linkage damage. In the extreme case, a person can also be paralyzed in certain organs. Excessive secretion of body hormones, before enough preparation of our body will oppositely effect our metabolism and make us restlessness. 
  • Hot Yoga, quite popular in western society, are some vigorous series of exercise practiced in a heated room. Lack of proper precautions causes dehydration. Hot yoga may induced heat related illness in some peoples. Therefore, before starting, your Yoga instructor must be consulted about your health conditions.
  • Kundalini Yoga if do not practiced smoothly and done in absence of right teacher, dis-balance your mind so that much extreme symptoms against you may appear.
  • Over- meditation, abandoning of meditation without complete course, Choice of meditation which is against your personality and lifestyle, inability in balancing every thoughts and emotions & dangers of opening Chakras are some notable dangers of Meditation.

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