Mind control and Yoga

Brain is an amazing organ inside the skull, this decide as a King, control as a CPU  and command as a Dictator. What yo feel, How you react and many voluntary and involuntary mechanism, bio-procedures are in its control. There is complicated Architecture and molecular building, thus, when triggering factors are available in its vicinity, it behaves abnormally, loses its balance. And we need mind control techniques in order to restore the initial normal stage. Mind control and Yoga are interrelated because there is cause and effect relationship between them. Yoga is effective in immediately deleting disturbing factors from mind, it also gives new vigor and creative direction to feel safe from upcoming disturbance. Yoga prepares you, trains you to tackle problems bravely and with wit. Yoga is not merely exercising physical postures. It also increases concentration, increase positive thinking, removes feeling of shyness, fear and disability, encourage your mind and generate vigorous willpower by inducing creative thinking, kills evilness as a antidote and finally hooks up you to the divine stage of enlightenment- a stage where you are free from all feeling of physical attachments. Yoga and Pranayamas open blocked blood vessels, energize each and every cells by accelerating bio-mechanical activities and biochemical syntheses. When everything becomes normal again, your mind is automatically controlled.This is the reason about how yoga works for mind control.

  • Mind control by Yoga postures: Shirsasan, Halasan, Sarbagasan, Tadasan and Sun salutation( Surya Namaskar)  are the mostly used Yoga postures for mind control purposes.
  • Pranayamas: Pranayams that can be practiced for this purpose are Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Bhramary, etc. Pranayamas are systematized breathing exercises.
  • Mantra spelling: Om mantra and kundalini mantra and Shree Krishna maha-mantra(as indicated in Bhagavad Gita) are effective.
  • Chakra concentration: focusing mind on any one of our eight Chakras situated from bottom of spine to the roof of head.
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