Om Yoga- removing the difficulties of life

Our life is full of several huddles and challenges, so that many times they pinch us, disturb our balance and  remove us from right path. Among us there are many peoples who develop evil thoughts and bad intentions as a escape from this struggle. This cultivate a habit of running away from responsibility. More we try to escape, more we are entangled in the difficulty. These worldly difficulties never let you to be free. Every times they attacks against your vigor and will power until you are mentally paralyzed from deep inner side. Under such stressful situation, What should we do? One effective and well-proven solution is Om Yoga. Mantra spelled in this Yoga causes powerful impact in your physical, mental and psychological aspects, rebuild you from inner side and transforms your corrupted lifestyle towards the divine path of enlightenment. Your reward will be 'Enlightenment', a term that refers to that state of mind in which you are free from any impacts of worldly sufferings. Om Yoga releases us from worldly attachment and opens a new door of spiritual connection.
  How to practice Om Yoga without any pitfall:
1. Sit down on mat, close your eyes and mouth, keep your neck and backbone straight(good posture), move your eye bulbs upwards so that it seems that you are looking towards the Sky.
2. Begin chanting Om mantra with equal stress from beginning to the end. Fluctuation in the intensity must be avoided. Pronounce ooommm, nor ooomm neither oommm.
3. Awareness in breathing is essential. This helps to harmonize your mantra with your breath. This is in fact important to achieve maximum outcome.
4. After spelling mantra each time, listen mental intonation.. Why?  After each utterance of mantra, it travels in the form of wave around your surrounding, through the universe and also inside your eternity. When reflected from different places, these wave touch you, your soul. As a result a continuous spiritual vibration starts to flow within you. Such practice again and again generate supreme power and sense of super-consciousness within you. You move towards truth, brightness and a different world of spirituality. Now, you are not effected or influenced by any type of worldly suffering. Welcome and good luck in this Journey.

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