Kriya Yoga and man

Kriya Yoga is an ancient spiritual path for healthy mind, well body and perfect soul. It is formed by the combination of three types of Yoga- Bhakti yoga, Jnana yoga and karma yoga. All three yoga when adopted at the same time, link is established with the divine being, life get a right path with proper control & utilization of energy. Bhakti Yoga helps to restore the lost love, that is with God almighty. Jnana yoga is for proper development and acquisition of knowledge. Finally comes the karma yoga, karma yoga says that deeds are the ornament which increase the glory of mankind. The combination of these 3 aspects of Yoga literature ultimately makes Kriya Yoga. In ordinary sense, Kriya yoga also refers to Yoga postures practiced for physical fitness and some breathing techniques(pranayamas). This is rather limited concept.
  • Why Kriya yoga is needed for modern man?: Man today is fighting in the name of religion. Human being has the instinct of connecting his weakness with the holy things. He do Guerrilla war hiding behind the name of religion. This is just a way to deceive himself and to whole the human community. Clinging on the beliefs and never checking its reliability creates problem, misbehavior and bad attitude. We have the feeling of pain and we suffer from fear of torture. Surviving like in hell and thinking about hell which will appear after your death adds further fear. Man has many hope, expectation, great ambitions and desire of fantasy, which cultivate severe agitation. All the productions, preparations, differences, contradictions and controversies are not truth. They disappears with the sweep of time. There is no any significance of attaching on this achievements.
  • Advantages of Kriya Yoga: Physical and mental well being, finding of lost love via connection with divine soul, understanding of you, your soul and the surrounding environ. Kriya yoga develops the feeling that we are guests, we are not the permanent inhabitants of this world- so no need of attachments. This yoga helps us to live as a witness without any conflicting choices. If there is good, there is also evilness. These two comes in pair. The greatest advantage of Kriya Yoga is- it makes us free from the controversies of good and bad.

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