Yoga vs Pilates

Yoga for beginners
Pilate is a type of exercise system derived from Yoga by Joseph Pilates about 80 years ago. It can be said that Pilate is the western modification of Eastern Yoga Concepts by focusing on strengthening of muscles rather than their stretching. Pilate exercise needs the use of advanced exercise machines and some basic resistance tools. Body builders, Athletes, sportsman, ballet dancer and people of many other profession now prefer Pilates over Yoga. Pilates has become very popular in recent years. There are many reasons behind this. The prime factor is that human instinct search power/strength first rather than the so called flexibility and stability. This is a type of human weakness. Negligence of ancient yoga in the influence of Pilate exercise is not good, is not safe for your long term. Enough attention should be given to these both terms Yoga and Pilates.

  Benefits of Pilates exercise:
   1. There are six principles of Pilates. They are: concentration, control, breathing, centering, flow and precision. Pilates develop harmonious association between breathing and body moves so that every packet of energy produced in our body is utilized with maximum efficiency. Our body get habituated to work efficiently with minimum impact on our body.
   2. Without accumulating lumps of ugly muscles around our body organs, Pilates exercise strengthen our muscles. The core strength we develop by Pilates can be utilized to perform our day to day activities with much less expenditure of energy. "EFFORT WITH EASE" is a popular Pilates slogan.

  3.Pilates exercise increase overall body strength, lengthen spine, cause symmetrical distribution of muscles resulting into more strong, good looking and well balanced body.
  4. Due to the use of low impact to move muscles- Pilates is important to prevent injury as well as in the rehabilitation of injury.
  Yoga vs Pilates: 
   Yoga and Pilates are almost same in methods and benefits. The only difference is that Yoga focus in stretching of body while Pilates focus in strengthening in addition to stretching of our body.
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