Types of yoga

There are many types of yoga techniques. Different types of Yoga are for different purposes in our daily life. Among them the topmost yoga for our healthy life and recommended by experts are of five types. They are as follow:
1. Bhakti yoga
   To feel your soul and connect instantly to the God almighty Bhakti yoga is done. This type of yoga increases love, devotion and Psychological attachment to the God. Emotional feeling that this universe is under the control of God and he is who can decide our well being is the theme of this yoga. Bhakti yoga can be done by different ways. By singing the hymns and glory of god, Thinking, feeling and hearing about God, by realizing his presence by your soul, worshiping god and by surrender of yourself in front of god.

2. Karma yoga
   This yoga focus on performance of actions or deeds with enough discipline, especially for the service of mankind. Those works should be done which will minimize evilness and maximize goodness or pureness in yourself, in your family, society and the whole world. Always do works by dedicating God.

3. Hatha yoga 
  Hatha yoga means systematic physical exercise, yoga poses and asana for our physical fitness. It is preparative type of yoga because it prepares your body and mind for spiritual path. Hatha yoga is now popular in western world.

4. Jhana (concentration) yoga
   Jhana yoga focus your mind in learning and knowledge acquiring. There are seven stages to Jnana, involving study, self-realization, desire, protection of the mind, developing indifference to objects, letting the world appear like a dream, non-attachment to the world, bliss and knowledge of truth.

5. Ashtanga yoga
    Patanjali's Ashtanga yoga includes eight fold pathways called yoga sutra. These are Yama, Niyam, Asana, Pranayama, Pratrahar, Dhyan, Dharana and Samadhi ( Enlightenment)

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