What is fear of God?

God create this Universe, our Earth and its living creatures. He is the creator of man and wants man to spend life like his life, filled with godly features. If we spend our life without feeling his fear and doing amoral activities, he will punish us. In this kingdom of God, there is full Justice. If you disrespect God existence and his supremacy, distraction appears in your life,you will become selfish and self-oriented, you will do foolish &dirty deeds, finally encounter many bad consequences one after another as an Avalanche. There is a famous proverb in English: "no fear of God, no progress". Thus, the fear of God is the beginning of understanding, gateway of wisdom. Proper and humble response to God brings good consequences rather than bad. Such fear makes man moral and disciplined. He never hurt others, give hand in other trouble, medicine other pain and do as much he can for the betterment of entire human society. Everywhere he disperse love, affection, salutation and Goodwill. Because these are within the command of God. When the man fulfill all these commands, there is no further fear so that he feels protected from God, also he believes that God will fully help him when he needs. He feels fully safe, satisfied and clear from all aspects. God fear is good, it helps to hate evils- a cultivation of good habit which will finally drives you in the peak of success. 
  If I have no fear of God, I may sleep with my Girlfriend. This may leads  to several disgusting results and eventually demoralize my life. On the other hand, if I have a strong fear of God, I never try to sleep with my Girlfriend before marriage. Because this is against the rules of God. And I am safe, also the life-soothing connection with the God is preserved.
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what is fear?- how to control fear by Yoga?

Not only human being(homo sapiens), but also other animals, insects and even plants shows feeling of fear. Then, what is fear? and how to control fear? Fear is a specialized emotional state produced as a signal of potential danger. When our mind sense some probability of danger near to us either with respect to time or space, Hypothalamus and surrounding areas of our brain get abnormally activated, Emergency hormones like adrenaline and certain cortisol are liberated by Adrenal glands into blood stream. These stress controlling hormones bring a series of physiological changes in our body such as:
  • Increasing Heart beat and blood pressure
  • Sweating and intense shivering of body
  • Activation of our senses, like, Dilating of pupil of eyes
  • Stammering
All these are indeed stimulating activities. These stimulate to develop super energy and consciousness within us. In this sense, fear is the protective measure utilized to tackle the problem. After receiving  impulse of danger, fear arises, reaches to its maximum limit and gradually begins to decrease. Then after, generated extraordinary energy as well as super-conscious feeling counterattack the problem. In this way, a danger which cannot be prevented with the help of  normal mind, is eventually prevented as well as solved successfully due to the appearance of  intermediate(fear).

Immature or unhealthy mind many times becomes victim of fear. In this case, fear act as negative agent rather than a protective measure. Over amplification of fear and fear with harmless things time to time because of absence-mind are the most irritating problems. One of the proven balancing agent in this case is Yoga. Yoga has been proven to develop open-mind as well as strengthening you from your inner soul.
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Kapalbhati pranyama for your optimum health

Kapalbhati pranayama(Kapalbhati breathing exercise) is very simple, highly beneficial form of Pranayama indicated in Patanjali yoga sutra. It has many advantages: It cures all the diseases of digestive system. It regulates proper secretion of digestive enzymes, reduces unnecessary growth of liver, controls the heat production from the liver, minimize the adverse impacts of smoking, Drugs and Alcohol. Person never feels the deficiency of essential amino-acids and Vitamins because of their protection and economical use in our body system. Hair grows on bald head & the problem of  falling hair, problem of whitening hair gets permanent solution. Trouble occurring due to hypo or hyper secretion of Endocrine system comes to an end. kapalbhati pranayama is much more fruitful for the patients of Lungs and Heart. Because this helps to remove toxins & interfering matters from our Lungs, also opens the blockage in our blood circulation & optimize the Pacemaker of our heart, strengthening it from core level. This also purify blood, refresh mind, create favorable stage for opening Chakras, etc. Aids and Cancer are two challenging diseases in entire human history. The most interesting fact is that Kapalbhati Pranayama is highly effective to suppress the spread of evil consequences of these dangerous diseases. In conclusion, it can be said that our life can be protected from all types of dreadful attacks, either mental or physical or psychological, by the adoption of just a single technique- this Kapalbhati technique.
  • Steps of doing this Yoga: 
  • Sit down in a comfortable posture, crossed legged posture is highly recommended. Close your eyes, make your body posture straight by stretching your spine and neck.
  • Keep your hand in Gyan mudra on your knees. In Gyan mudra Thumb tip is joined with your index finger tip, while all other fingers are kept in straight position.
  • Throw air from your Lungs forcefully so that stomach is drawn towards you. Focus only in exhaling air, not in inhaling. Inhalation will occur automatically.
  • Repeat this practice for at least 5 minutes. You may take short rest between this interval. To get real benefits from Kapalbhati pranayama, you need to do it for 15 to 20 minutes each day for at least 3 months. Therefore patience is essential thing. 
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I know why suicide is bad.

Thought of killing yourself may arise many times in the life of several people. Those people who are Jobless, living in extreme pain, poverty and emptiness frequently commits suicide. A man living under stress for a long time is finally victimized by the thought of suicide. Repeated failure in love, attempt and ambition mostly drives a man in the road of suicide. Is committing suicide is bad? Yes, it is. I also had thought of suicide few years ago. This happened because the girl whom I loved more than myself, betrayed me and went in a relationship with another guy. At that time, my mind couldn't think what was I deciding to do? For some instants, I forgot the physical, social, moral, psychological and emotional impacts of consequences after committing suicide. Later, when I used my interpretative mind to probe the problem, I realised, this is not the end of my life. There are several probabilities of  illuminating my life again- with new visions- to acquire the beauty of life, prosperity and love. Therefore, I know why suicide is bad.
  •  Suicide is an irreversible process. If you do, you will not get another chance to awake. Your life gets the end. All the possibilities and probabilities of correcting errors will die along with suicide. It is like deleting of data from recycle Bin of your Computer, with no chance of retrieving it again. Suicide is one-directional, there is no returning path. All is over.
  • After committing suicide, your all history left in this world will be darken, people will laugh giving you the tag of coward man, a person who fear to struggle, he is not hero, he is zero, indeed zero- like this.
  • After your death, How your parents, beloved will feel? Their life will be doomed and their eyes will be like monsoon rain, living all the life long with your pain-giving memory.
  • From spiritual point of view also, committing suicide means doing murder, a big crime. For this you will be punished bitterly in the Hell, you will lose the pleasure of Heaven and again thrown to this world in much more painful situation. 
  • That,s why, Suicide is bad, never think to do it, never.
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Meditate about end of the world

Earth is only one known planet in this boundless universe that sustains life. There are many predictions about its creation as well as there are many prophecies regarding its end. For predicting the ultimate stage of this green planet, religious literature and people concerning them are much advertising. This Popularization of the term "end of the world" is for what purpose. Why there is much concern in the today's world about it? Are all predicted parameters really convincing to all of us? Lets meditate in concise manner.
  • According to the Hindu scriptures, there are four era of this planet-decided by the God. Satya, Dwapar, Trata and Kyali &the present era is the last era, that is Kyali. After this final era, there will be the destruction of this creation. This is needed for its purification because people sins will be astronomically high, making earth unholy from every aspects. The end of this final era is very near, somewhere after about 1000 years. Therefore the truth inherent in this prediction can only be confirmed by our generations, not by us.
  • The prediction of horror of 2012  terrify many peoples. According to the Mesoamerican long count calender, which was used by ancient people(related to maya civilization)of Central america- December 2012 is that destruction day. But it does not clarify with confidence about the destruction mechanism. Some Movies shows that the end of this world will occur due to natural disasters like: Earthquakes, cracking of ground, falling of meteors with burning flame, etc. Although they make a good money and worldwide popularity, there is no any solid evidences behind them. Now, many experts doubt about this destruction picture. Perhaps a new prophecy will highlighted soon. Unless there is no perfect scientific reasoning based upon established facts, prediction of the end of this world can not be accepted. Also, no any authorities has any right to terror people.

Kriya Yoga and man

Kriya Yoga is an ancient spiritual path for healthy mind, well body and perfect soul. It is formed by the combination of three types of Yoga- Bhakti yoga, Jnana yoga and karma yoga. All three yoga when adopted at the same time, link is established with the divine being, life get a right path with proper control & utilization of energy. Bhakti Yoga helps to restore the lost love, that is with God almighty. Jnana yoga is for proper development and acquisition of knowledge. Finally comes the karma yoga, karma yoga says that deeds are the ornament which increase the glory of mankind. The combination of these 3 aspects of Yoga literature ultimately makes Kriya Yoga. In ordinary sense, Kriya yoga also refers to Yoga postures practiced for physical fitness and some breathing techniques(pranayamas). This is rather limited concept.
  • Why Kriya yoga is needed for modern man?: Man today is fighting in the name of religion. Human being has the instinct of connecting his weakness with the holy things. He do Guerrilla war hiding behind the name of religion. This is just a way to deceive himself and to whole the human community. Clinging on the beliefs and never checking its reliability creates problem, misbehavior and bad attitude. We have the feeling of pain and we suffer from fear of torture. Surviving like in hell and thinking about hell which will appear after your death adds further fear. Man has many hope, expectation, great ambitions and desire of fantasy, which cultivate severe agitation. All the productions, preparations, differences, contradictions and controversies are not truth. They disappears with the sweep of time. There is no any significance of attaching on this achievements.
  • Advantages of Kriya Yoga: Physical and mental well being, finding of lost love via connection with divine soul, understanding of you, your soul and the surrounding environ. Kriya yoga develops the feeling that we are guests, we are not the permanent inhabitants of this world- so no need of attachments. This yoga helps us to live as a witness without any conflicting choices. If there is good, there is also evilness. These two comes in pair. The greatest advantage of Kriya Yoga is- it makes us free from the controversies of good and bad.

What is Prenatal Yoga?

What is Prenatal Yoga and what are its benefits are now rising search. Lets discuss little about these. Pregnancy comes in almost every woman's life. It is the stage of giving birth to a new body- a great day in which a soul return in this comic world through the cycle of birth. In many society, it is a day in which women fulfill her matrimonial duty and gain the social respect as the mother of newly born child. A great pleasure, an achievement which will be remembered whole over the life as a holy day. But developing fetus inside the womb, carrying it for about 9 months and at last delivering it outside the body as a baby, is really a challenging task. Proper care of pregnant women is therefore needed. At this point, practice of some simple Yoga  positively accounts to the changing needs of women body, regulate the proper care of fetus, and also strongly prepares for the upcoming event- birth of the baby. These yoga are called Prenatal Yoga.
  • Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:  Yoga during pregnancy causes proper release of Pregnancy hormones. This hormones makes muscles and joints of pelvic region strong and flexible & prevent injury during the time of delivery. Yoga also develops good feeding habits, correct postures and sufficient breathing habits- all of these are highly beneficial for the proper growth of fetus. Not only this, yoga also reduces fear of pregnancy. This is very important because over anxiety causes more secretion of Adrenalin but less production of Oxytocin( birth hormone), a hormone which accelerate birth process. Life of both mother and child will be in danger in such situation. Therefore Prenatal yoga is suggested for pregnant women so that they are psychologically well prepared to bear the pain of child birth.

Dangers of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and Meditation are ancient gifts to modern society. These can decorate their lives, add peace, prosperity and a sense of well being(fitness). Today, huge fraction of population are attracted towards the astonishing benefits of Yoga. Yoga can lengthen our lives, makes us strong and well prepared from all respect and reduce several defects & probability of being defected. There is another face of Yoga also. What are the dangers of yoga and meditation? These dangers are not due their inherent properties but due to their misuse and improper practice. Some Dangers of Yoga and Meditation, which are essential to be considered are listed point wise below:
  •   Hatha Yoga are for flexibility of our overall body. If a beginner in Yoga  do not follow the rule of 'simple to the complex' practice- Do lots of difficult postures at the very beginning, delicate architecture of his muscles and joints are disrupted. He will suffer from muscular pain, chances of blood arteries rupturing and nerve linkage damage. In the extreme case, a person can also be paralyzed in certain organs. Excessive secretion of body hormones, before enough preparation of our body will oppositely effect our metabolism and make us restlessness. 
  • Hot Yoga, quite popular in western society, are some vigorous series of exercise practiced in a heated room. Lack of proper precautions causes dehydration. Hot yoga may induced heat related illness in some peoples. Therefore, before starting, your Yoga instructor must be consulted about your health conditions.
  • Kundalini Yoga if do not practiced smoothly and done in absence of right teacher, dis-balance your mind so that much extreme symptoms against you may appear.
  • Over- meditation, abandoning of meditation without complete course, Choice of meditation which is against your personality and lifestyle, inability in balancing every thoughts and emotions & dangers of opening Chakras are some notable dangers of Meditation.

Scientific Enlightenment age

Scientific Enlightenment age began from Europe. This type of Enlightenment is totally different from the previously discussed spiritual Enlightenment. Acquiring an ideal stage of soul was mentioned as Spiritual enlightenment, While the topic Scientific Enlightenment refers to the revolution of science and technology through the betterment of way of thinking, observing and perceiving knowledge. This means minimization of human errors, faults and ignorance by the rise of consciousness thoughts, experience & behavior. Replacement of age old dogmatic principle which misinterpreted and confuse our understanding. With the expansion of scientific inventions & concepts Human way of sensing and interpreting dramatically changed. Human intuition guided by the unbiased observation works then. Liberation of human mind from acute ignorance and innocent occurs in the Scientific Enlightenment age.

  Domination of Monarchy by democratic principle, and then affinity of communism against Democracy appears in the political field. People began to believe in human vigor and ability rather than their fate. It was the first time when people realized that human destiny can be twisted on one's favor, in accordance to the one's desire. Such changes at first start in France, where people begin to search, link, blend and practically apply ideas by totally rejecting traditional beliefs authorized by Catholic Church. Concepts of free market capitalism was established. Education, literature and physical developments increases enormously. Today, developed countries like America, Britain, Germany, Australia, China, and Canada are some extreme examples of countries in this Scientific Enlightenment age.

Mind control and Yoga

Brain is an amazing organ inside the skull, this decide as a King, control as a CPU  and command as a Dictator. What yo feel, How you react and many voluntary and involuntary mechanism, bio-procedures are in its control. There is complicated Architecture and molecular building, thus, when triggering factors are available in its vicinity, it behaves abnormally, loses its balance. And we need mind control techniques in order to restore the initial normal stage. Mind control and Yoga are interrelated because there is cause and effect relationship between them. Yoga is effective in immediately deleting disturbing factors from mind, it also gives new vigor and creative direction to feel safe from upcoming disturbance. Yoga prepares you, trains you to tackle problems bravely and with wit. Yoga is not merely exercising physical postures. It also increases concentration, increase positive thinking, removes feeling of shyness, fear and disability, encourage your mind and generate vigorous willpower by inducing creative thinking, kills evilness as a antidote and finally hooks up you to the divine stage of enlightenment- a stage where you are free from all feeling of physical attachments. Yoga and Pranayamas open blocked blood vessels, energize each and every cells by accelerating bio-mechanical activities and biochemical syntheses. When everything becomes normal again, your mind is automatically controlled.This is the reason about how yoga works for mind control.

  • Mind control by Yoga postures: Shirsasan, Halasan, Sarbagasan, Tadasan and Sun salutation( Surya Namaskar)  are the mostly used Yoga postures for mind control purposes.
  • Pranayamas: Pranayams that can be practiced for this purpose are Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Bhramary, etc. Pranayamas are systematized breathing exercises.
  • Mantra spelling: Om mantra and kundalini mantra and Shree Krishna maha-mantra(as indicated in Bhagavad Gita) are effective.
  • Chakra concentration: focusing mind on any one of our eight Chakras situated from bottom of spine to the roof of head.
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Defination of the Enlightenment

   Enlightenment is an inversion center through which you completely transforms your life and lose your identity as a common man. The literal meaning of Enlightenment is 'understanding and obtaining all wisdom". At this stage your soul will be totally liberated from the effects of this world, although it is intimately connected with your body and lives in this earthly environment. Feeling of coldness, warmness, hunger, thirst , season, brightness, darkness and various streams of desires never arrive in the mind. They are permanently deleted and avoided. Absence of desire and freedom of your soul are the main characteristics. It is very difficult to condense the discussion about the definition of the Enlightenment. However, a literal emotional elaboration to illustrate the matter can be done.
Enlightenment is the achievement of greatest crux of life- freedom of soul from this cosmic world. Enlightened mind is the door of emancipation, key of success, permanent solution of  desire, cornerstone of inner peace, pond of never breaking immortality, clear path of spiritual life, storehouse of peace, prosperity and relaxation, skill to explore all hidden knowledge, supreme stage of being free from the cycle of birth and death for infinite, divine lighthouse of knowledge, science and Philosophy. Therefore, Enlightened stage means sinking in the
work, for which we are thrown in this Earth. Understanding the aim of life and behave accordingly are the salient features. Sinking in the work means dissolving in the deed, performance of deed withing feeling and emotions, and disappear by dissolving - Forgetting this worldly connection(attachments), also its continuous attack. The enlightening person posses all these symptoms.
    This meaning of Enlightenment indicates the end of all forms of struggle that we feel. Only man can achieve this. Because no creatures are superior than man. After achievement of Enlightenment, he or she is free to enter the kingdom of God. This stage had not only gained by Gautam Buddha, Jesus, Mahavira and Mohammad, but also by numerous Eastern and Western Yogis. You can also do. If you doubt, then I am not sure. If not, then whose father what goes. If you, then a new history will be created.
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Om Yoga- removing the difficulties of life

Our life is full of several huddles and challenges, so that many times they pinch us, disturb our balance and  remove us from right path. Among us there are many peoples who develop evil thoughts and bad intentions as a escape from this struggle. This cultivate a habit of running away from responsibility. More we try to escape, more we are entangled in the difficulty. These worldly difficulties never let you to be free. Every times they attacks against your vigor and will power until you are mentally paralyzed from deep inner side. Under such stressful situation, What should we do? One effective and well-proven solution is Om Yoga. Mantra spelled in this Yoga causes powerful impact in your physical, mental and psychological aspects, rebuild you from inner side and transforms your corrupted lifestyle towards the divine path of enlightenment. Your reward will be 'Enlightenment', a term that refers to that state of mind in which you are free from any impacts of worldly sufferings. Om Yoga releases us from worldly attachment and opens a new door of spiritual connection.
  How to practice Om Yoga without any pitfall:
1. Sit down on mat, close your eyes and mouth, keep your neck and backbone straight(good posture), move your eye bulbs upwards so that it seems that you are looking towards the Sky.
2. Begin chanting Om mantra with equal stress from beginning to the end. Fluctuation in the intensity must be avoided. Pronounce ooommm, nor ooomm neither oommm.
3. Awareness in breathing is essential. This helps to harmonize your mantra with your breath. This is in fact important to achieve maximum outcome.
4. After spelling mantra each time, listen mental intonation.. Why?  After each utterance of mantra, it travels in the form of wave around your surrounding, through the universe and also inside your eternity. When reflected from different places, these wave touch you, your soul. As a result a continuous spiritual vibration starts to flow within you. Such practice again and again generate supreme power and sense of super-consciousness within you. You move towards truth, brightness and a different world of spirituality. Now, you are not effected or influenced by any type of worldly suffering. Welcome and good luck in this Journey.

Yoga Nidra: Deep conscious sleep

   Yoga Nidra is the state of conscious sleep done at the end of Yoga Practice. At the state of Yoga Nidra Yogi appears in the state of sleep but his consciousness is working at the deeper level of awareness. In Yoga Nidra, you leave the waking state and go into the dreaming state. But in the deep sleep you remain fully awake. This seems paradoxical. But it is not. Normally when we sleep we lose control on our-self, so we cannot use our mind in creative thinking. Yoga Nidra is only one
 alternative to remain conscious in this state, consciousness at this state bring creative thinking, strengthening of willpower, great inspiration to proceed ahead and boosting of vitality of life.
   Yoga Nidra is a systematic method of inducing physical, mental and emotional relaxation; giving direction to your desire and searching perfection of Karma(work) to achieve enlightenment. Yoga Nidra teaches you to control your dream. 
"He who controls his dreams, control his life'- a great quotation fits here. This Yoga
is a key for awakening Kundalini power which is coiled like a snake at the base of our spinal cord.
  Principle of Yoga Nidra practice:
1. Relaxation and internalization, initial preparation of our body.
2. Already decided affirmative Goal is declared silently.(Sankalpa)
3. Whirling of consciousness and consideration of all aspects.
4. Stage of awareness of respiration at specific regions of our body.
5. Consideration of opposite and comparison.
6. Mental mapping and creative visualization.
7. Affirmative declaration is again repeated, but this time even more strongly. This helps in the permanent Registration of issue into your sub-conscious mind.
8. Return to the normal state.(Externalization)

Types of Meditation

   The peculiar characteristic of Meditation is conscious breathing and accompanying deep relaxation. This field requires huge practice and patience to give the goal. Progress in Meditation is not instantaneous. Meditation must inculcate life remaining habits and develop permanent experience within you. And this takes time, your persistent struggle will reward you ultimately. Use meditation versus medication, meditation will release you from all types of intoxication, recover you from any time of suffering and give your life a new direction, a new perspective to view the world so that you remain cheerful all the days as you live. Neuroscientists believe that Meditation change your Gene response to stress. Mindful Meditation slows down the negative impact of HIV viruses in infected person. Meditation perform healing action in cellular level by creating extraordinary circumstances. There is no limit of Meditation and its Benefits. Types of Meditation and its impacts on us cannot be explained in words. Therefore Meditation is correctly called 'Ocean of Meditation'. If someone jumps in this Ocean it is sure that he will change his life and develop a new Philosophy.
   Types of Meditation:
  • Upward Meditation: Upward Meditation reverse the gravity pull of Consciousness by an upward force developed through spinal cord called 'Kundalini'.
  • Downward Meditation: This type of meditation flows vital energy towards Heart and increase the sense of love, creativity, courage and compassion within the individual.
  • Breath watching Meditation: This meditation is about watching and being aware of breathing during meditating. This increase vital capacity of your lungs and oxygen level in your blood- result- more active, more energetic and more productive.
  • Walking Meditation: In this type you focus on your body parts and breathing during meditation. 
  • Empty Mind Meditation: Our mind, if full from several sorts of distractions, anxieties as well as horrors then happiness will instantly terminate, dis-balance your thought and corrupt your lifestyle. One of the soothing remedy for this problem is Empty mind meditation. Keep your mind free from all types of thoughts, let not your sense perceive, let not your mind realize and let not your mind jump from here and there. 
  • Yoga for energy- Yoga for beginners- Kundalini Yoga

Yoga vs Pilates

Yoga for beginners
Pilate is a type of exercise system derived from Yoga by Joseph Pilates about 80 years ago. It can be said that Pilate is the western modification of Eastern Yoga Concepts by focusing on strengthening of muscles rather than their stretching. Pilate exercise needs the use of advanced exercise machines and some basic resistance tools. Body builders, Athletes, sportsman, ballet dancer and people of many other profession now prefer Pilates over Yoga. Pilates has become very popular in recent years. There are many reasons behind this. The prime factor is that human instinct search power/strength first rather than the so called flexibility and stability. This is a type of human weakness. Negligence of ancient yoga in the influence of Pilate exercise is not good, is not safe for your long term. Enough attention should be given to these both terms Yoga and Pilates.

  Benefits of Pilates exercise:
   1. There are six principles of Pilates. They are: concentration, control, breathing, centering, flow and precision. Pilates develop harmonious association between breathing and body moves so that every packet of energy produced in our body is utilized with maximum efficiency. Our body get habituated to work efficiently with minimum impact on our body.
   2. Without accumulating lumps of ugly muscles around our body organs, Pilates exercise strengthen our muscles. The core strength we develop by Pilates can be utilized to perform our day to day activities with much less expenditure of energy. "EFFORT WITH EASE" is a popular Pilates slogan.

  3.Pilates exercise increase overall body strength, lengthen spine, cause symmetrical distribution of muscles resulting into more strong, good looking and well balanced body.
  4. Due to the use of low impact to move muscles- Pilates is important to prevent injury as well as in the rehabilitation of injury.
  Yoga vs Pilates: 
   Yoga and Pilates are almost same in methods and benefits. The only difference is that Yoga focus in stretching of body while Pilates focus in strengthening in addition to stretching of our body.
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Breathe Yoga- Pranayama

Breathe Yoga- Pranayama is an art of reprogramming our natural breathing techniques helping in the reversal of many harmful situations, either nervous or cardiovascular or any other mental, emotional and physical problem. Our Lungs have enormous capacity( more than 1000ml of air) and retention time, then why not utilize them in full extent to boost up our progress. Breathing is a vital activity that keeps our body alive. Pranayama or breathe exercise is one of the eight Yoga principle. Pranayama promotes healthy breathing. Optimum healthy breathing brings enough oxygen in our blood and brain so that our prana or vital energy is increased. We can achieve the Goal of Breathe Yoga by training our body to breathe in a particular fashion and ultimately indulging our involuntary systems to adopt the new style of breathing. Pranayama Yoga is also done together with yoga asanas and this combination has highest effect in purification of soul, self-discipline and improvement of mind and body.
  Importance of yoga breathing:
1. Instantly reduce mental anxiety and bring mental calmness as well as integrates the mental/physical balance.
2. Reduce acute muscular tensions in our vital organs like Lungs, Heart and digestive organs. Therefore they    function properly than before.
3. By proper distribution of energy in our endocrine system increase our immune system to the optimum level.
4. Pranayama increase our lung's capacity and help to cure respiratory illness such as Asthma and emphysema.
      Pranayama breathing techniques for beginners are simple and basic in nature, requires not much precautions. But Pranayama advanced breathing techniques are difficult to learn and should not be practiced rapidly. Slow and gradual practice can do better.
     Pranayama are affecting our eight Chakras in a positive manner. Chakras are energy centers of our body, also called whirling wheel of light. Each Chakras emits specific color and energy.

Yoga Exercises for weight loss

There are enormous advantages of Yoga Exercises for weight loss than other types of commonly adopted artificial means. There are several true evidences of success of Yoga practice in weight loss. If You do regularly 'kapalbhati' Pranayams for 30 minutes each day, you will loss over 2 kilograms of your belly fat.
If You do three types of 'Bandha' they will definitely reduce your fat and strengthen your muscles. Yoga for weight loss is a boon for many persons who cannot practice dieting, to keep their body fit, slim and strong.
Benefits of Yoga Postures for weight loss:                                                  
  • Yoga practices not only help you to lose your fat but also condition your body and system in the Optimum stage. In addition of getting rid of unnecessary fat, your body becomes physically fit. How a great achievement?
  • Yoga and Ayurveda are two such aspects which will function towards your body perfection without creating any side effect. But, if you try chemical means of weight losing, you will later regret because of its bad consequences in your sound body.
  • Yoga has unique property of solving underlying causes either emotional or bio-chemical( responsible for weight gain). Therefore when you use Yoga your body is gently brought back to the suitable alignment.
  • Yoga do not needs extreme exercise. Doing Yoga half an hour daily easily reduce your body fat more than about 5 pounds in a month.
  • One of the best aspect of Yoga is that it is available without cost. Freely available Online. Browse in your computer with topic You tube Yoga, You will find everything.

Yoga sutra of Patanjali

Yoga sutra of Patanjali is the foundation book of Yoga and it is a popular Hindu scripture. In this book enormous amazing ideas and philosophical treatment of yoga is given. All other literature developed in yoga originates from this primary source. Yoga sutra of Patanjali can be subdivided into four subcategories:
  • Yoga sutra of Contemplation: Right knowledge, Wrong knowledge, fancy, Sleep and Memory are five folds of Thought. Wrong knowledge includes illusory, false, erroneous notions, while Right knowledge means inference, tradition and correct cognition. Fancy leads to knowledge without existence or feeling of matter. Extreme sleep leads to emptiness of mind. Memory does not allow impressions to escape. With the use of practice and non- attachment these five thoughts can be controlled. Information sown in the brain undergoes contemplation, after some time develop into knowledge and finally enter into your habit or experience. In this stage it is called your Wisdom.
  • Yoga sutra of spiritual discipline: Study of sacred texts, devotion to God and his actions are under spiritual discipline. This fixes your mind to God and makes you free from all impurities. Impurities come from ignorance, egoism, attachment, aversion and desire to cling to life and luxury. These potential impurities are to be destroyed by Meditation. Understand the superimposition of external world in your internal unseen world. And focus on self- restraint in actions, fixed observance, posture, and regulation of energy, mind control in sense engagements, concentration, meditation, and realization.
  • Yoga sutra of divine power: One pointedness of mind, unbroken continuation of that mental stage (meditation) and only consciousness of the object of meditation (realization) are three corners of self control. Consistent self control gives mastery and mastery brings wisdom. Every sorts of knowledge can be induced by intuition with the help of open mind. Self control brings swiftness of mind, independence of perception, and mastery over worldly matter. Wisdom is ultimate divine power, with it you can do anything, either possible or impossible like.
  • Yoga sutra of Realization: Mind born when concentrated insight is free from all form of impressions. Although the external object or real situation is same, there is a difference of cognition in regard to the object because of difference of mentality. Realization of danger, failure or risk may not appear in some even after numerous crashes. On the other hand, some realize immediately by sensing the situation or viewing the object before any crashes.

Hatha Yoga

      Hatha means very tenacious practice which is done until the objective or the end is achieved. Forcefully habituating the body to achieve a certain posture for typical benefit is called Hatha Yoga. Hatha yoga is a term derived from eastern philosophy and has its extension up to the western world. Hatha Yoga connects the body with the prana. It creates harmony between the body and soul through Asanas and Pranayama.
Benefits of Hatha Yoga:
1. Hatha yoga helps in the awakening of Kundalini Energy which is in dormant stage in the Muladhara Chakra.
2. It is most marvelous means of  stretching, exercising and purifying the body due to which our life becomes long and healthy.
3. Hatha Yoga  also helps us to concentrate our mind and increase our mental activity, memorizing capacity, impulse transmission rate as well as instant recalling ability.
4. "Ha" means Sun and "tha" means moon. Hatha yoga brings two opposite things( soul and body) together in one place. Therefore hatha yoga is a vital instrument for strengthening the union between the body and soul.
5. Hatha yoga is not the ultimate goal of doing yoga. It is the preparative stage of yoga. It is Meditation which helps a Yogi to achieve Samadhi or enlightenment.
Some General Guidelines:
1. Early in the morning practice yoga postures and pranayams  with an empty stomach.
2. Be regular in your yoga practice because practice is the key for success.
3. Do Asanas first and then pranayams.
4. Do Hatha yoga at least half an hour daily. This will give you vigor, vitality and good health.
5. Eat only after half an hour of finishing yoga.

Types of yoga

There are many types of yoga techniques. Different types of Yoga are for different purposes in our daily life. Among them the topmost yoga for our healthy life and recommended by experts are of five types. They are as follow:
1. Bhakti yoga
   To feel your soul and connect instantly to the God almighty Bhakti yoga is done. This type of yoga increases love, devotion and Psychological attachment to the God. Emotional feeling that this universe is under the control of God and he is who can decide our well being is the theme of this yoga. Bhakti yoga can be done by different ways. By singing the hymns and glory of god, Thinking, feeling and hearing about God, by realizing his presence by your soul, worshiping god and by surrender of yourself in front of god.

2. Karma yoga
   This yoga focus on performance of actions or deeds with enough discipline, especially for the service of mankind. Those works should be done which will minimize evilness and maximize goodness or pureness in yourself, in your family, society and the whole world. Always do works by dedicating God.

3. Hatha yoga 
  Hatha yoga means systematic physical exercise, yoga poses and asana for our physical fitness. It is preparative type of yoga because it prepares your body and mind for spiritual path. Hatha yoga is now popular in western world.

4. Jhana (concentration) yoga
   Jhana yoga focus your mind in learning and knowledge acquiring. There are seven stages to Jnana, involving study, self-realization, desire, protection of the mind, developing indifference to objects, letting the world appear like a dream, non-attachment to the world, bliss and knowledge of truth.

5. Ashtanga yoga
    Patanjali's Ashtanga yoga includes eight fold pathways called yoga sutra. These are Yama, Niyam, Asana, Pranayama, Pratrahar, Dhyan, Dharana and Samadhi ( Enlightenment)

Calories burned in Hot Yoga/ Bikram Yoga

  Hot yoga, also called Bikram Yoga is a series of Yoga poses done sequentially one ofter another in a heated environment. The purpose of heated room is to increase flexibility our body so that stretching of body do not injure our body. Since Hot yoga is done in heated studio at about 105 degree Fahrenheit profuse sweating occurs. This is responsible for burning your calories in Hot Yoga. Performance of 1.5 Hours Hot yoga can burn 600 to 1100 calories. This value varies with your age, stress during Yoga performance, temperature of room, emotional excitement during the process and so on. According to the biomedical point of view, our body metabolic activities are harmonious to our body temperature. A sudden increase in the temperature of external atmospheric environment  and practice of body stretching and bending Yoga postures at the same time simultaneously increase our normal body metabolism dramatically. Such sudden surge of metabolic rate encourage stored fat tissues to oxidize in an accelerated rate. This is the prime reason behind the burning of calories during Hot Yoga so significantly. Many people doubt about the burning of Calories in such a high amount during the Hot Yoga . In this case, the best suggestion is that rejection without experience is bad, give a try and experiment it as a scientific methodology suggests you.
  Factors that determine weight loss percentage in Hot Yoga:
#. One of the fundamental aspect of Yoga is the use of your sub-conscious mind. Belief fully and sincerely about the aforementioned benefits of Hot Yoga. This will control your sub-conscious, which in turn will control your endocrine systems. There is great role of endocrine to balance you and achieve your Goal.
#. If regular- slow and steady will also win the race. Therefore Practice Hot Yoga regularly each day for about 3 to 4 weeks.
#. Be vegetarian and prefer fresh and green vegetables. Later, it will develop in your habit. This is quite good as a permanent solution.
#. There is the chance of being dehydrated during Hot Yoga exercise. So, you need to drink liquid matter in sufficient amount to replenish water lost from your body by extensive sweating.

History of Yoga

   While tracing about the history of Yoga it is known that it is as old as our human civilization. But concrete evidence regarding this statement is still unknown. The first evidence of ancient yoga practice comes from archaeological study of some ancient stone seals, this shows Yoga existence around 3000 B.C. The evidence of Yoga was also found in the oldest ancient text, Rig Veda( a composition of hymns). At that time the primary goal of Yoga was to cure people through meditation. This was done by religious meditator. Common people were unknown about benefits and techniques of Yoga. Yoga refers to the spiritual discipline in Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. After the end of Vedic Period the scope of Yoga became more extended. Yoga was used not only to increase physical strength and flexibility, at that traditional era Yoga and Pranayams were also used for entire transformation of human being . This was done by deep meditation, contemplation and purification of thoughts with the help of religious monk. Siddhartha Gautam, the first Buddhist to practice yoga, get enlightenment at the age of thirty five.
   Bhagavad Gita is the holy book of Hindu religion in which various form of yoga practices are illustrated by Lord Krishna to remove the confusion of Arjuna. Yoga was originally applied to understand the world. Later, it's scope was changed entirely and used to focus self. Self- enlightenment becomes the ultimate Goal.
   Modern Yoga is highly contributed by Swami Shivananda. It is based upon proper exercise, healthy diet, proper breathing, proper thinking, relaxation and meditation. Now Yoga is very much popular in Western society. This is the root cause of globalization of Yoga.
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