kundilini yoga

Many yoga techniques are in use today, among them kundalini yoga is one of the most significant one. Kundalini yoga is for our mental, physical and spiritual well being by developing power, sense, discipline, consciousness and awareness. Although it is very old one, it is now practiced recently by western peoples. Certain yoga items and pranayams are focused in kundalini yoga to activate your 8 chakras. Chanting om, sitting in a special position and adopting specific breathing style is the overall practice of kundalini yoga. There are some experience of awakening in kundalini yoga. During meditation you observe divine visions, experience divine smell, divine taste, divine touch, hear divine strengthening sounds. You probably receive directions from God. All this signals indicate that the Kundalini energy has been awakened. When there is throbbing and vibrating in Muladhara, when hairs stand on their roots, when Uddiyana, Jalandhara and Mulabandha come involuntarily(without consciousness), know that Kundalini has awakened. These are some diagnostic experiences of kundilini yoga.  Persons spending their times in enjoyment of sensual and sexual pleasures, for them this Kundalini power is sleeping(in dormant stage) because of the absence of any stimulus in the form of spiritual practices, as the power created by spiritual practices alone awakens that kundilini-power, and not by any other power obtained through the possession of worldly riches and influence. When the yogi continuously practices all the disciplines as explained in religious books, and as instructed by the religious teacher, in whom the Kundalini has already been awakened and reached its limit, acquiring which blessed achievement alone a person becomes entitled to act as a Guru or spiritual expert, guiding and helping others also to achieve the same goal, the layers enmeshing Kundalini begin to be cleared and finally are fully activated and the serpent-power is pushed or driven, as it were upwards.By this mechanism kundalini get developed and by continuous practice power from it moves upward, finally up to the head( upper end of our body).

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