om in yoga- mantra om

Mantra om is one of the important aspect of yoga and one of the fundamental teaching of patanjali. Om mantra helps to remove difficulties that gather at the time of enlightenment. There is vital role of om mantra to bring equilibrium among past, present and future of any individual. Om in yoga is therefore like magic and much of its mystery in common language has not been revealed. You can find use of om in Bhagawad Gita  and other ancient Hindu philosophy. Om in yoga is such a verbal sound that has inherent sound power and brings some sorts of psychological, physical and physiological effects. The power of Om in yoga can transform a person into yogi after repeated correct pronunciation. Om is considered the all-connecting sound of the universe — one word interpreted as having three sounds representing creation, preservation, and destruction. Om is the "Word" of the Bible, as the word of Holy Spirit. In the Christian Bible, Sat-Tat-om is spoken of as the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. According to Yogananda, all aspiring yogis seek to commune with om and understand it. "Audible utterance of om produces a sense of sacredness, however, real understanding of om is obtained only by hearing it internally and then becoming one with it in all creation."  Om is the deepening of concentration and making you divine along with some healing power.

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