Super Memory making ideas- 4

Several peoples are here who never try to improve their memory and always stay with their conventional unscientific ideas of learning. Such humans are backwards in every steps of life because the great weapon , their brain lacks optimum utilization. As a result, happiness and prosperity sort out such fragile persons from their existence. Therefore be wise and adopt memory sharpening tools as pointed below:
31. Walking in the morning and sharpen your memory. In early morning, all the dust particles and fumes in the atmosphere are already precipitated on the ground, so the cool breeze is in support of your health with full freshness.Walking that time activate your nerves and aid to increase your memory. 
32. Diary writing everyday collects your experience in your long term memory, improve you from your inner side, develop habit of correcting errors and finally take you up to the point of success.
33. First priority is creativity not dependency. Thinking new ideas and applying them in your daily life sharpen your memory , reduce your parasitic nature , enhance your independent attitude and consequently make you unique like THOMAS ALVA ADDITION.
34.Improving your I.Q. power is essential for your all round development of memory and mind. To be rich that,s why it is necessary to give some duration and some interest in general knowledge.
35.Group discussion is an important tool for your memory. Regular discussion of related topic with your friends accelerate your learning process, boost long term memory and originate new ideas and intuition for further research.

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