Stress relief by Yoga

   Why Yoga for stress Relief?                                                                
    Our stressful life needs a lot of balance. Many peoples have their busy schedule. They have to wake up early for work or for education, study late at night to get best score in exams, running here and there for sports, homework, study, meal and many other things. With lots of works, physical and mental torture we feel stressed. One of the best way we can apply to cope with our stressed condition is Yoga. By adopting a series of Yoga poses we can minimize our stress, increase flexibility, improve our concentration, bring deep relaxation(relaxation is the best antidote of stress), and promote a sense of cheerfulness, balance, mental and physical well being and perfection. Stress relief by yoga is so much effective. With Yoga practice, you can imagine a man/ women calm, relaxed, careful and cheerful all day long.
   Yoga is not just stretching your body and bringing it into various postures. It also act on your internal organs, vital systems and your mind. Nothing can do better than Yoga to your inner world. Pain in your inner world can be cooled down with creativity and positive behave, all of which can easily cultivate in a Yogi mind.

  Some Basic Yoga Poses for stress relief:
  • The Tree pose (Vrksasana):  A steady rooted stance is created by bringing one foot against the inner thigh of the standing leg. The raised leg is kept out to the side and the pelvis is opened. Both hips are squared toward the front. The arms are in a namaste position(joining of two hands in erect position) in the center of the chest.
  •  The Lotus pose(Padmasana): In Lotus pose legs are crossed with feet resting on thighs and soles facing up. Backbone is erect and hands resting on the laps.
  • The Plough pose(Halasana): From the relaxed sleeping position lying down with the arms at the sides, the feet are brought the head towards the Ground. The arms and feet remains relaxed at last. Do this for about 3 minutes.


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