How to improve memory easily?-2

1. LINKING ALL INTO A SINGLE CHAIN BY LOGIC. Improvement of our memory can be achieved by organizing and ordering information can significantly. Think that, for example, how difficult it would be to remember a random list of 75 letters. On the other hand, it would not be difficult to memorize the first sentence in this paragraph (consisting of 75 letters). Similarly, MEMORIZING a large amount of unconnected and unorganized information from various classes can be very challenging. By organizing and adding meaning to the material prior to learning it, you can make easy both storage and retrieval. In other words, you can learn it better and recall it easier. Organizing material on paper, such as when you make an outline , or simply organizing material in your memory, such as learning it in a particular order or making intentional associations between ideas, that,s why linking like a chain improve your memory.
2. THE FUNNEL LIKE APPROACH. The theme of this is  MEMORIZING general concepts before moving on to specific details. When you study in this manner, you focus on getting a general framework, or overview, before filling in the details.Seeing how the smaller details relate to one another, you process the information more deeply (which helps you store, and later retrieve, it from memory). For example, the approach is used in previewing a chapter for the major ideas as a way to enhance your comprehension of details contained in the chapter. You may also notice that many textbook chapters are organized in a "general to specific" format. Finally, you probably use this type of approach when studying from an outline, matrix, or concept map. Because of their organization, these tools are particularly well-suited for learning general to specific.

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