Vinyasa yoga- flow yoga

      One of the renown dimension of Yoga teaching is Vinyasa yoga or flow yoga. It spreads over a wide ranges of yoga practice. The literal meaning of Vinyasa means "Breath- synchronized movement or flow". Vinyasa or flow yoga focus on synchronizing the body's motions and the breath. This synchronization results in a very steady workout, and it increases mental focus. In this flow yoga instructor will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. Proper association of yoga moves and respiratory styles are united in one place in flow yoga. Vinyasa yoga helps to gain control over your body, mind and soul. Its additional benefit is that you can measure time using your breath. Hatha yoga and pranayams are simultaneously done in flow yoga, this means combination of benefits that come from both yoga. Therefore flow yoga is a super technology.
         How association between each yoga movement and breathing is achieved can be made clear from an illustration. For example, during a typical sun salutation, a yogi will inhale while raising the arms over the head, exhale while placing the hands at his or her feet, inhale while raising the head slightly, exhale while moving the feet back, inhale into the upward dog position, then exhale while moving into the position of the downward facing dog. Once in this posture, the yogi will inhale and exhale for five deep breaths before reversing the entire process and continuing to attach a specific breath to each motion.
    Yogi acquires consistent body temperature, upgraded mental focus and strengthen vital organs like lungs, heart and spinal cord, so flow yoga is highly exercised among people of western world.
   Types of Flow yoga/Vinyasa yoga
   1. Bikram/ Hot yoga
   2. Power yoga
   3. Kundalini yoga
   4. Anusara yoga
   5. Ashtanga yoga

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