Bhakti Yoga - in search of lost love

   Bhakti Yoga is the path of pure spiritual devotion, love and surrender. Bhakti Yoga is in fact the search of lost love. Bhakti is love for love's sake. The devotee wants God alone. There is no selfish expectation like greed of wealth, power and position. There is no fear also. Therefore it is called Pure and true love. The devotee feels, believes, conceives and imagines that his deity is an Ocean of Love.  
   Bhakti is the slender thread of Prem or love that binds the heart of a devotee with the lotus feet of the Lord. Bhakti is intense devotion and supreme attachment to God. Bhakti is supreme love for God. It is the spontaneous out-pouring of Prem towards the Beloved. It is pure, unselfish, divine love or pure love. There is not even a bit of bargaining or expectation of anything here. This higher feeling cannot be explained in words. It has to be sincerely experienced by the devotee. Bhakti is a sacred, higher emotion with sublime sentiments that unites the devotees with the Lord.
Consider how love develops. First arises faith. Then follows attraction and after that adoration. Adoration leads to suppression of unwanted desires. The result is single-mindedness and infinite satisfaction. Then grow real attachment and supreme love towards God.
  In this type of Yoga all attraction and attachment which one has for objects of temporary enjoyment are transferred to the only dearest object, i.e., God. This leads the devotee to an eternal union with his Beloved forever, enlighten his soul, separate him from attachment with Physical world although his life is in the same world, devotee is like Lotus- Lotus is growing in the muddy Pond but free from the stain of mud.

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